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3 Tools Used in Modern Piano Moving

Tools Used in Modern Piano Moving

Moving a piano is quite cumbersome as it is a large object. Modern piano moving is a delicate affair that requires professional movers to transfer pianos from point A to B. The right tools ensure your piano arrives at its destination in one piece. Here are important tools to ensure its safe transfer.

Lifting/Tying Strips

These are essential in evenly distributing the piano’s weight to ease loading on a truck while moving. They minimize the risk of damage as they hold every delicate part in place during transport. If you doubt your strap ability, use shoulder harnesses or a lifting belt for extra support. Thus, a smooth transition from point A to B is guaranteed.

Piano Dollies

Piano dollies are used after securing the lifting and tying straps on them. Dollies make it easier to move pianos whose weight exceeds 500 pounds. The piano is moved on wheels to make work easier. A flat base secures the piano and stops it from falling.

Padding/Moving Blankets

Pads and blankets prevent accidental bangs on the modern piano keys and pedals, since the jostling involved in transit may cause damage. They prevent scratches and damage to the piano during transit too. Delicate external parts like hammers and strings are provided with extra padding, thus ensuring they are safe.

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