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6 Mind-blowing Facts You Must Know About Rolls Royce

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Rolls Royce, by far, is the only car that is synonymous to grandeur! Well, these are nowhere near to those cars that you could one day out of the blue go and purchase – after all, a crazy price tag is what they come along with!

Moreover, you are perhaps aware of the fact that Rolls Royce has absolutely dominated all the speed record books by making it to the top and that they still produce some of the best jet engines in the world. But did you know, they’re also into developing nuclear reactors and that their iconic hood ornament the “Spirit of Ecstasy” prevails due to an extramarital affair?

Speaking of these amazing facts, in this article we’ll be taking you through 6 more facts of Rolls Royce that’ll for sure leave you open-mouthed.

The first ever Rolls Royce model was sold for around £395

The first ever car by Rolls Royce was launched in the year 1904. Named as Rolls Royce 10 HP, this was produced in Cooke Street, Great Britain. Furthermore, at the time of its launch, this exclusive beauty was sold for nearly around £395 by Rolls’ motor dealership. Nonetheless, in today’s time, the price for the same car gone up to £2,50,000.

The Spirit of Ecstacy of Rolls Royce can never be stolen

If you ask what’s the most valuable and visible aspect of a Rolls Royce car is, then you’re bound to receive the same answer from everyone – Spirit of Ecstacy emblem placed on the hood of the car. Not to mention, you’ll come across this emblem on every single Rolls car that was produced since the early 1920s’.

Among many other variations, the most famous emblem is the one that’s customised in 24-carat gold. Well, you could say this is why it has become the centre of attraction for every thief out there!

But, in order to save them, the Rolls Royce company came out with an exceptional plan. The moment the car is switched off, a set of wires, sensors and motors start working together and retract the Spirit inside the hood of the car to ensure it’s secured. The overall process is the same when someone tries fiddling with it when your car hasn’t been switched off.

Every model of Rolls Royce is painted by a special painter

Mark Courts, he is the only man who’s allowed to paint the coach line of every Rolls Royce car before they leave the factory – no machine or robot is used to get this job done. Since, this is one such job which once done cannot be rectified if there’s any mistake, Mark requires a lot of precision and focus to paint that particular line.

Well, this clearly states how a single line has the potential to make or break the entire design of a car. Similarly, even a simple scratch on your car could have a huge impact on its look; so, why not opt for full car wrapping and keep your beauty in tip-top condition?

None of the model are produced by one manufacturer

Until the year 1946, that is just after World War 11, Rolls Royce stopped building or selling the entire car. Like every other manufacturer, even they had gained expertise in constructing its chassis and engine, whereas Barkers, Park Ward, Hoopers and other manufacturers in London were used to create the coach and body around it.

Silver Dawn was the first ever complete car produced by Rolls Royce from the year 1949 to 1955, and in that period of time, only 760 cars were produced. Also, only one person was given the job of driving the engine and chassis from one factory to the other and after certain days, get the complete car back to the main factory.

$8.5 million is the price of Rolls Royce’s most expensive car

One of the most expensive cars produced by this British company, Phantom Solid Gold is made up of pure gold and sold for $8.5 million. This magnificent car has got 120 kgs of pure gold in various parts, which mainly comprises of front grill, side trims and boot handle.

The iconic radiator of Rolls Royce wasn’t registered for trademark till the 1974

Among several other things, the Rolls Royce car is popularly known for its snazzy radiator placed in front of its hood. However, the trademark wasn’t registered until the year 1974. Besides, in the year 1933, the colour of its radiator was revised from red to black, because most of the times it used to clash with the paint colour selected by customers.

So, that wraps our list of 6 interesting facts about Rolls Royce, which we’re quite sure you wouldn’t have been aware. But now that you are, go and tell your friends about it as well!

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