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Altering My Smile

Altering My Smile

A smile can light up an individual’s face, it can change the mood of the person before you or the person wearing it. A smile can mean a thousand things and create another thousand possibilities. The importance of a smile is paramount and therefore having a healthy, happy smile can mean the world to most individuals. However, it may be that in order to achieve the smile they want, a little alteration is needed. This is where the Dentist Soho can help. Whether it be teeth whitening, tooth realignment or some other flaw within the smile that you would like to tackle, speaking with your dental practice is the first step towards a smile you are proud of.

Below are just some of the options available to help enhance and brighten up your smile.

Teeth whitening.

With our teeth going through a rigorous process each day, it is no wonder that they become stained and loose the sparkle that they first had. From the foods eaten each day, the drinks consumed such as caffeine and fizzy drinks, to the regular habits such as smoking and drinking, each has a detrimental impact on the condition of the tooth. This is where the tooth whitening process comes in. From treatments carried out within the practice to the at home option, brightening your teeth up to seven shades lighter whilst keeping the natural look has never been easier. A smile revamp in just one to two weeks.

Straightening the smile.

For some, the alteration they most want is to have a straighter smile. In the past, the more traditional brace methods were considered unsightly and were not a treatment that people were excited to follow. Fast forward to today, invisible aligners such as Invisalign are available to adults and are a highly effective tooth realignment solution.

So, Invisalign, how does it work?

In simple terms, this treatment consists of multiple transparent aligners which push the teeth into a new position. Each aligner is tailor-made from a soft plastic ensuring a snug fit whilst it moulds your smile into the new desired position. Redesigning your smile and achieving the results in months is simple with a little commitment to the process.

Filling in the gaps

For those who have suffered from tooth loss, whether through accidental damage or due to other health issues, it may be that the revamped smile can be achieved by filling in the gaps. Dental implants are one of the more popular methods used to fill in the areas which have lost the natural tooth. The small titanium screws not only act as an artificial root to the replenished tooth but once inserted into the jawbone, enable the bone to regenerate. Completing the smile and filling in the gaps ensures that you not only have a smile to be proud of, but also have a healthy, effective set of teeth. After all, whilst a smile is beautiful, the job of each tooth is important to ensure that other health problems such as acidity within the stomach do not arise due to lack of functionality.

Get your smile on track today by booking in a consultation with your dental team.

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