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Benefits of Using a Professional Voice Over Actor

Benefits of Using a Professional Voice Over Actor

Whether you are working on a marketing campaign and need a commercial voice over artist for a series of commercials or you are building a video game and need to record human noises, you need the right voice over actors. You may consider working with a local person who has a nice voice, but there are benefits to working with professional voice over talent.


As they say, time is money. Working with a voice professional will save you time. For example, these individuals typically require less direction and understand the recording process. They can also typically provide the track you need in one or two takes, while inexperienced individuals may require 15 or more takes because they need to learn the process while they are creating recordings. You may also have to do much more extensive editing on amateur recordings.

Ability to Take Constructive Criticism

Those who are new to the industry may find it difficult to take criticism or implement feedback because they may not understand how the nuances of how voice inflection, cadence and tone change the message. Experienced voice over professionals value feedback because they understand that the slightest change can make a message more captivating or persuasive or convey a character more accurately and believably.

Equipment Accessibility

Professional voice artists may also save you time and money by completing their own recordings. Whereas amateurs may only have access to a smart phone or basic audio recording software on a computer, a professional has access to all the equipment and technology necessary to produce a high-quality recording. For example, they have professional microphones, extensive voice editing software and soundproof studios.

Extensive Knowledge

True professionals consistently expand their knowledge and skillset. For example, they investigate new software or techniques and test out new equipment. These individuals may become sound engineers who create professional-level recordings that even have music and other sounds mixed in. Because of their acting training and practice, they can convey messages different ways and create believable characters.

If you are working on a project that requires a voice over artist, consider working with a professional who has experience in your industry.

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