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Dental Implants In Bromley, Restoring More Than The Ability To Chew

Many people have been brought to their knees by dental pain, and this is because the pulp in teeth is full of nerves and those nerves are among the most sensitive in the body. Now there is no need to endure this debilitating pain or the resulting tooth loss. Until the nineteen fifties dentures and bridges were about the only two ways to provide patients with a means to chew their food properly after tooth loss. Implantology has developed since then and improvements have been so incredible that this is now the treatment of choice to replace lost teeth. This procedure not only replaces a lost tooth but helps to stimulate jaw bone regrowth, which is vital to maintaining strong, healthy teeth and gums.

Proactive instead of reactive

Dentistry over the decades has become more proactive than reactive and dental maintenance education has been key. Patients are now more aware of how important their teeth are and that after baby teeth have gone, there is only one set of adult teeth to last a lifetime. Reducing tooth decay is achieved by regular brushing and flossing as well as six monthly dental visits. If a patient does however suffer from tooth decay or has an accident resulting in a tooth becoming dislodged, dental implants in Bromley have the equipment and expertise to correct the problem.

Finding a stable solution

The main problem with replacing lost teeth has been to provide a stable and reliable solution. A dental bridge does provide this but requires an adjacent tooth on which to anchor. Dentures have developed over the years and a variety of techniques are used to keep them attached to the gums.

Dental implants a game changer

Dental implants are designed to mimic our natural teeth which essentially have a root anchored into the jawbone. Titanium was discovered to have the right properties because our jawbones naturally fused with the material. This is now used to create the root section of the tooth replacement. The health of the jawbone is important and limited the number of dental implants that could be done because there was not always enough volume to support the procedure. Dental scientific work in this area has brought about amazing results which have helped to improve the quality and density of the jawbone meaning that more patients can have the procedure.

Technology playing a leading role

We all know how technology influences our daily lives and dental implantology has benefitted massively from technology. Computer aided software and hardware have helped to reduce discomfort, the procedure and healing time and the durability of the prosthetic tooth. It is also possible to replace four teeth in a row on one single implant and a full set of teeth using just four dental implants.

Reducing facial sinking

Dental implants also help to reduce the “facial sinking” that occurs when teeth are removed as the bone slowly degenerates, dental implants help to regenerate the jawbone. Not only do dental implants restore the ability to chew and improve a patient’s facial aesthetics but they also provide the confidence to smile without embarrassment because of a lost tooth.

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