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Excellent Ways to Maintain Your Commercial Vehicles

How to Maintain Your Commercial Vehicles

A successful business runs on an efficient mode of transport and this task becomes even more crucial when you have to fulfill all your commitments dedicatedly. This means that you need reliable commercial vehicles which do not break down on the way to their destination, mainly because it affects your hard-earned reputation in the business.

In order to avoid getting entangled in an ugly delay or damage to your commercial vehicle, you can follow some of the tips discussed below:

Follow a Maintenance Schedule

There are some vehicle brands which suggest a specific maintenance schedule on purchasing a commercial model from the manufacturer. The simplest way to provide your commercial vehicle a good life is to follow this schedule.

In reality, if you simply follow the instruction manual as per the points mentioned then it is not difficult to maintain one or many commercial vehicles. You can also prepare your own schedule according to your convenience based on the dates mentioned in the original schedule.

You may not remember all the dates of previous services so it is better to maintain a record of them so that you have a better understanding of them. You can also ask your drivers to keep a check on the report and meter reading. This way you won’t miss out on anything.

The last resort is to prepare a preventive measure schedule according the main services suggested by your manufacturer.

Habit for your Drivers

You could offer basic training sessions to your drivers on how to drive a commercial vehicle. During these sessions, train them to report any strange sound emanating from the vehicle. If they encounter irregular light issues, then report it immediately as well.

Understanding any mis-function at an early stage can actually save you from huge repair costs.

Use of Technology

Making use of technology in an optimal manner allows you to enhance productivity. If your commercial vehicle is extremely huge then it becomes difficult to manage it. On the other hand, other commercial vehicles are easier to manage with specific tools and programs.

This means that there are no single maintenance formulae that works for all commercial vehicles all the time. But, you can utilise available technology and design a program that is suitable for your vehicle. This way, the program can be beneficial for you.

Adjust maintenance as per your driving schedule

Any person using the vehicle must have better understanding of its functioning and maintenance schedule than you or any other working staff. The truck driver must be aware about the delivery schedule as well as maintenance schedule and should ensure that they do not coincide.

Plus, the truck drivers have actual idea about the amount of weight being carried by the truck on a regular basis or its towing potential. They will be more aware about amount of dust the vehicle gets in contact with.

For this purpose, you can get in touch with a company that provides wheel trim safety for truck operators so that your vehicles get much needed maintenance work. There are a variety of wheel trims from basic to advanced versions with different names and only an expert can recommend you the best one.

Additionally, frequently turning your vehicle off or on can also have an impact on the vehicle’s durability. Only a professional can suggest you the right alternative to increase the life of your vehicle.

Customised Schedule

In a nutshell, think of your vehicle’s regular maintenance akin to getting health insurance in terms of its importance. So, just like you pay premium options according to your convenience likewise your commercial vehicle maintenance can be done based on your preferences.

You can alter maintenance schedules according to driving condition and usage. Every commercial vehicle is manufactured in a different manner and hence they need a different type of maintenance facility. Thus, look into details of your commercial vehicle and then prepare a maintenance schedule. The number of services required for each commercial vehicle varies which means your schedule could also differ.

Nowadays, there are digital schedules which makes your process easier and quick, also giving you time to take preventive measures against small damages in your vehicles and eliminate huge ones.

Monitor vehicle movement

Along with digital schedules you can give further consideration to digital programs as well. These programs help you to trace mileage, maintenance schedule, maintain records and costs associated with them.

In a way, such digital software reduces human efforts and shortens the timeline of the entire process. This ultimately increases accuracy as the process is digital and there is no scope for human errors.

By following these tips or a combination of the, you can easily maintain your vehicle and keep it in top shape. This maintenance eventually increases the life of your vehicle, ensuring that your reputation is never harmed because of a failed delivery.

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