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Family Friendly Summer Vacation Ideas

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There’s never been a better time to plan ahead for the summer vacation, and if you’re traveling with your little ones, you might need to spend a little more time planning. After all, not every vacation spot is family friendly, and the places that you used to go before children arrived aren’t always suitable any more.

Travelling as a family during the summer can be a wonderful experience – relaxing and reconnecting with loved ones and enjoying fun activities together without the pressures of work. But which kinds of summer vacation work best with little ones? Here are some great ideas for your family so you can plan the ideal trip this year.

Try A Farm Stay

Farm stays have been popular in Europe for some time and now they’ve crossed the pond to the USA. Farm vacations have started to become more popular here, with farms offering meals, overnight lodgings and a unique insight into the agricultural way of life. Your children will learn more about where food comes from, participating in activities like collecting fresh eggs, pulling vegetables from the ground and gathering berries and fruit. It’s a unique experience that they’ll remember for life.

Learn About US History

The ideal family vacation is one that blends education and fun. Why not take your children on a touring vacation where they can learn more about their nation’s history in a fun and interactive way. The Freedom Trail in Massachusetts is a free educational destination while Philadelphia is a great city for families which is packed with history. Or why not head to Williamsburg in Virginia where children can get hands on with colonial America.

A Beach Vacation

There’s no more suitable vacation for families with children than one which takes in plenty of beautiful beaches. Head to Delaware’s Bethany Beach or Virginia’s Virginia Beach and discover a world of delights for little ones, from gorgeous sands to boardwalks, amusement parks, adventure gold and shopping malls. There’s plenty for the whole family to see and do while staying active and having fun.

Discover The Caribbean

The Caribbean is just a stone’s throw away and offers stunning weather, affordable prices and some amazing experiences. Head to the Bahamas and discover dolphin encounters and fun packed activities, or go a little further afield and experience the joys of Antigua where you can find kid-friendly resorts that all the family will enjoy. The Caribbean is also one of the best places to introduce your children to watersports such as scuba diving and snorkelling. You’ll find everything you need here for your underwater adventure as a family.

The Big Apple

If you’re planning on taking a short break with the kids, there’s no better city destination than the Big Apple itself, New York. There’s something here for every member of the family, from the oldest to youngest. Of course there are museums galore as well as world famous landmarks such as the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. There’s also the joys of Broadway, with shows that are sure to delight every family member.

Take A Cruise

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive option that mom, dad and the kids will all love, a cruise could be perfect for you. Kids have a host of organized activities at their fingertips while mom and dad can be pampered in the spa or just relax at the pool, and there’s world class cuisine at every meal. Entertainment abounds all day and night and you can visit lots of different places without having to pack and unpack your suitcase repeatedly. What’s not to like? Whether you want to take a sun-drenched Caribbean cruise, a European adventure to some of the most beautiful and historic destinations or something further afield to Australasia or the Far East, there are cruise lines out there who are catering for families just like yours, providing vacations that are truly memorable.

Any of these ideas are ideal for anyone traveling as a family this summer, so whether you want to stay close to home or venture further afield, there’s sure to be a suggestion here that inspires you and gives you the impetus you need to book your trip!

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