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How To Care For Dental Implants

Dental implants in Bromley are fast becoming the preferred method of tooth replacement, they offer patients the natural feel and finish of their original teeth long term. But when it comes to aftercare it is often reported by dentists that patients feel like they can have a more relaxed approach to oral hygiene, as it’s a false tooth. But this isn’t further from the truth, dental implants require just as much care and attention as natural teeth, if not a little more.

Benefits of dental implants

Before we look at cleaning methods, let’s look at why you might have opted for dental implants in the first place. Unlike other forms of teeth replacement they are screwed into the jawbone and thus offer a more permanent solution to tooth loss. The crown or ‘false tooth’ is specially made and designed to fit with the natural look and feel of your remaining teeth. They don’t need to be removed for eating, sleeping and cleaning and so are fantastic if you’re after a fix that will fall into your lifestyle with no major changes.


When it comes to cleaning your dental implants, you should be following a similar regime to that of your regular oral health routine. However, as is often the case, the vast majority of people don’t already have an adequate oral health routine in place to begin with. So what does a good dental hygiene routine look like? Let’s take a look.


We all love to believe we’re brushing our teeth correctly, but unfortunately with over half of adults suffering from some form of gum disease it’s likely most people’s timings or techniques aren’t up to scratch. Do not fear, we can talk you through basic methods to make great improvements. Firstly, you don’t need an electric toothbrush, but if you do have one available they can be a great resource for deep cleaning. When you are brushing make sure to not just use a back and forth brush stroke, but to use circular motions on the whole surface of the tooth too. Make sure you are paying particular attention to the gum line, as this is where the bugs tend to multiple. And be certain you are spending at least two minutes (30 seconds on each quarter) twice daily and if possible after every meal or if you’ve had something particularly sugary.


Flossing is a step missed by the vast majority of people and we totally understand why, it’s time consuming and can feel like a faff. But seriously, flossing can be the make or break when it comes to tooth and gum health. Floss between each tooth daily, working down the gum line and pulling the floss round the tooth. If you’re unsure of the technique there are lots of tutorials online or you could ask your dentist for their top tips.

Regular check-ups

Sure you’ve had your dental implants fitted and now you probably want to avoid the chair for a little while, but this would be a mistake. If you develop gum disease it could lead to peri-implant disease which will cause harm to your dental implants and could even result in you losing them, so keep your regular check-ups with the dentist to catch any issues early.

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