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Must Haves for Looking Flawless in the Office

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Whenever there is any talk of office and fashion combined, the first emotion and thought that usually overwhelms us is that these two simply don’t mash. Wrong! The fact you are a part of a corporate system doesn’t have to mean you should drop your good taste and personal take on style just because you have been taught that professional means black and black only.

While the corporate fashion tradition has pretty much stayed loyal to the simple-yet-serious, black and white attires for over a few decades, the youth is taking a more colorful, fun and exciting approach to the whole office elegance. In fashion, just like any other aspect of life, all it takes for change to happen is for one person to revolt, bring new ideas to the table and revolutionize, or in this case modernize, the game.

This is exactly what happened when all the young and courageous entrepreneurs decided it’s time they abandoned the all-black-everything office elegance and replaced it with interesting and colorful vibes of their every day corporate looks. Before we knew it, we were bedazzled by splashes of color, statement jewelry, pumps, bold makeup and quite refreshing spins on pullover designs we’ve been seeing for too long. Amazing!

However, these rebellious youngsters have never disrespected the institution of simple, sharp and dark-colored wear by abandoning it altogether – pencil skirts, cigarette pants, a white T-shirt and black shoes have still pretty much remained the basis of any business wear – they’re just upgraded with chic, fresh and eye-catching details that we’ve immediately fell head over heels for! And, better than anything – this created a perfect blend of corporate seriousness and individuality for every single employee. We love it!

Here are some ideas on how to stir-up your business style, and still stay within frames of decent and appropriate business wear:

Bold makeup

To avoid looking monotonous, drab and washed out in a black suite, add bold make up to the mix. Note! Bold, in office terms, doesn’t mean glitter, dark shadow, too much eyeliner and neon lipsticks. Bold makeup for working ladies mean a lot of mascara and a few lines of eyeliner (not necessary) to make your eyes pop and look fresh. Cherry, maroon, (dark) purple or nude lipsticks are perfect options for young girls who are looking to channel their inner fierceness!

Statement jewelry

Black cigarette pants or a pencil skirt, a white shirt with an interesting collar and a statement colorful necklace or earrings will do wonders for pumping up your look! Opting for colorful ear buds with your hair sleek back in a ponytail will look youthful and fresh, and immediately brighten your face up. During the summer season, a pencil knee-length skirt in a nude color, a black jacket and an ankle bracelet will be perfect!

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Color-blocking is not just one of the girls’ best friends in terms of instantly reshaping her body from boyish to feminine, but it’s such a fun twist on any wear! The choice of colors can do wonders for your look – for your office style opt for hues that are a bit toned down like ocher, emerald green, navy blue… with unusual shapes and cuts that are still appropriate, but super fun and exciting!

When color-blocking, shoes in a neutral color and toned down makeup with just a hint of color over your lips are the best option.

Custom shirts and suits

Unfortunately for men, they can’t rely on makeup and jewelry to keep their office look styled and out of the ordinary. This is why they should turn to custom dress shirts that will revive their entire look!

The amazing quality, fit and design of custom-sewn shirts, pants and vests will instill every man with confidence, attraction and power, immediately encouraging him to be the best man he can be!

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