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The Most Common Dental Issues – A Quick Round Off

Sometimes we just need to know all the basics in one place so we can make informed decisions. If you’re experiencing new dental symptoms but aren’t too sure what’s going on then of course you should be contacting your dentist Soho, so they can give you a proper examination and get you started on the right treatment path. In the meantime, here’s a little taster of all the common/basic issues with oral health.

Round One – Decay

Dental decay is one of the most common issues seen by the dentist. Decay is caused by bacteria build up from plaque and then tartar. The germs start to fight with the tooth and essentially cause it to rot. In most cases this will be picked up by your dentist quickly and will just need a quick filling and you’ll be on your way. In more severe cases the tooth could need to be removed or root canal treatment might be needed. This is why attending regular check-ups is so important as it could really, literally save your teeth.

Common symptoms of Decay: Pain or discomfort in the teeth or tooth, blackening of the area, sensitivity, bleeding, or moving teeth.

Round Two – Gum Disease

Coming in second is again one of the most common issues – gum disease. Gum disease is actually affecting over half of British adults and needs seriously addressing. Gum disease comes down to poor oral hygiene in the majority of cases – people don’t floss. The acids that are released from plaque and tartar again attack the gums and cause the body to go into ‘save me mode’ that’s why the blood rushes to the area and causes swollen, red, bleeding gums. The good news is that if caught early you can easily reverse gum disease (despite the rumours you can’t), just one trip to the hygienist could set your gums back to pretty pink health. Long – term you’ll have to seriously address your oral hygiene routine and keep on top of cleaning properly.

Round Three – Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth are also very common and have started to become even more common with more and more people opting to whiten their teeth at home with at-home whitening treatments. Bleaching out teeth or applying anything abrasive could be stripping down protective enamel layers and it’s actually really dangerous to apply just anything you find online to them. Teeth whitening should be done by a dentist – yes it costs more but the repercussions of bad whitening could cost you more long-term.

Other causes of sensitivity can be diet, medication and sometimes just our DNA. If you experience sensitivity, it’s worth seeing your dentist just to check it’s nothing too serious but in most cases just working with a sensitive tooth toothpaste like Sensodyne and investing in some fluoride products will do the trick.


This is actually way more common than you’d think. Bad breath could be caused by a whole host of new reasons, usually diet effects it most and a lack of good oral hygiene. Lots of people still neglect their tongue when cleaning which is a big mistake. If you’re worried about bad breath then see your dentist to find out the cause, it could be something really simple or it could be linked to other things like a new medication or other issues within the mouth. Don’t ignore and just cover with mouthwash, get it checked.

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