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Why Do People Get Invisalign?

In today’s day and age where social media and technology are at the forefront and influence our lives on a daily basis in a multitude of ways, it is no surprise that people look to influencers, celebrities and bloggers when it comes to how to improve one’s appearance. Social media impacts on a person’s confidence and self belief and therefore there has now been an increase in the amount of aesthetic work that people undergo.

So how does this relate to teeth? A person’s smile is integral to their appearance and can change the way a person looks. Therefore a lot of people look to have corrective work done to their teeth in order to give themselves the celebrity, award winning smile.

Looking to get corrective dentistry work done? Tired of the way your teeth impact on your appearance? Then look no further than UK Dental Specialists, leading dentists in St Albans who have a dedicated team of staff who are all determined to provide you with the best possible service.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign in St Albans is a very common and popular form of corrective dentistry that is performed by dentists on a daily basis.

Invisalign is designed to align and straighten crooked teeth and give people the confidence boost that they require. In the UK crooked teeth is a major concern, particularly amongst young people. Most young people are offered braces in their teens and as young adults.

How does Invisalign work?

Patients looking to get Invisalign should visit their dentists who are experts in the field and book in a consultation. At the initial consultation the dentist will thoroughly explain the procedure to the patient. Invisalign is a two staged process. First the dentist will undertake a thorough investigation of the patient’s teeth to ensure that they are suitable for Invisalign. As Invisalign is an expensive process and is not a treatment that is covered under the NHS, it is essential that patients make an informed decision before agreeing to the procedure. There are payment plans available that are tailored to each individual patient’s financial circumstances.

The dentist will take an X ray and an imprint of the patient’s teeth and jawbone and will send this off to the lab for the trays to be formed. Invisalign is essentially invisible trays that get attached to the teeth and are designed to align the teeth over time. How long a patient needs to wear the trays depends on their treatment plan which is personal and individual to them. Usually treatment plans last from 12 to 24 months.. Once the trays are formed the dentist will make another appointment for the patient to attend and try the trays on to ensure that they are a comfortable fit. The dentist will then provide instructions to the patient and inform them that they will need to wear the trays for at least 18 hours a day. It is imperative that patients wear the trays as instructed if they are to see maximum results.

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