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Why Web Series Is the Future of Television on the Internet

So we say it loud and proud for increasing number of viewers and content creators:

The future of television is on the web!

From knee-slapping comedies to thought provoking dramas to women centric shows, web series of all kinds are pushing boundaries by bypassing television as a means of distribution and releasing their talent exclusively on the internet.

The art of web series will be celebrated next month at the Miami Web fest from September 25th to October 4th. The fest will allow independently produced web series to attract a vast and multicultural community and gain international exposure building more fan base and make invaluable connections with the art enthusiasts. Apart from this, MWF Latino (the Latino division of Miami Web Fest) will provide recognition to the best web-based Latino productions.

One of the official selections is Justice Woman, a comedy-drama series that follows the story of Assistant District Attorney Sofía Escala who is on the quest to fight injustices within the legal system. What we love about the series is that it focuses what it means to be a modern Latina.

Post writer’s strike in 2007, the writers have wanted to keep working on professional and quality productions. The internet has become the legitimate platform for creators of original content to showcase their talent in front of the wider audience.

The audience has become smart. They are willing to venture outside television for the quality of programming. This is where accessibility comes in the picture. The web series are accessible to the larger view. While some of the well known web series have big production houses associated with them, the smaller channels and filmmakers also get their due recognition. The web is a big world and can house almost every idea that is appealing for the greater good. Moreover, the instant feedback, that sense of immediacy and intimacy help the creators retaliate with better quality of piece.

The smart audience can thoroughly understand the lack of studio support and resources especially when there are no big names attached to the show. While they expect strong writing and acting worthy of ‘real TV,’ they are also pretty fine with low production value. If the content is exceptional and the passion is real, it will find its niche audience.

The big names attached with the show contribute largely to garner more viewers, such as the case with House of Cards, Arrested Development and the recent hit Orange is the New Black, all exclusive to Netflix and for a fee. The success of these shows proves the increased growth in trust of the audience for shows exclusively for the web.

All said and done, the real beauty of the web series is the freedom – the freedom to showcase raw talent without the restrictions of a film company. It can be available anywhere, anytime and to anyone who wants to experience it, reinforcing the sense of trust and community between the creator and the viewers. Concept that do not normally work within the traditional time limited shows on television have found their home, on the web. The audience always wants more which gives the writers and creators the opportunity look for a broader spectrum to tell their stories.

The online platform is a distinct part of their career path and for some it’s the destination.

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