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Why You Should Take a Roadtrip With Your Friends

Roadtrip With Friends

Thanks to Instagram, travelling solo is something that is super trendy these days. No doubt, travelling alone has got its fair share of benefits, such as getting to spend time with yourself, explore places on your own and experience everything first hand – not to mention, you don’t have to compromise on your precious nap time – ah, the joy of getting more sleep!

Personally, I believe that every individual should go out on a road trip at least once in their lifetime. Honestly, I can just start listing the numerous benefits of going out on a road trip, but no list can ever do justice to the experience you can have when you hit the open road with your closest friends.

That being said, there are many reasons as to why you should go away on an escapade with your buddies. To begin with, travelling with your squad is way safer than travelling alone. Secondly, you can enjoy more when you experience new cuisines, cultures and places with them. Apart from that, when you are travelling to another country, it’s quite obvious that you are going to face some hurdles along the way, such as language barrier, cultural differences and weather; being together in such tough times will not only bring you closer, but also make your bond stronger. When your friends are nearby, you can easily come up with solutions for tough situations, split expensive bills and enjoy quality time in unfamiliar places.

Below we have mentioned some pointers as to why you should take that long awaited roadtrip with your friends:

Fun while planning

You could be the one with a plan or the one down for anything and everything. Either way, it is fun to hear the ideas that people have about the trip. The group messages and conference calls make the process all the more fun and exciting. Moreover, just the process of making plans with your mates can get you all hyped up about the trip.

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Get to know each other well

You might have been together in school or college, but it would be safe to assume that you are not very familiar with your friends’ likes or dislikes anymore. While you are planning a road trip, you will come across their traits or understand how someone feels about different surroundings, whether they are allergic to something or if they have a negative feeling about the weather – the bottom line is, you will understand the person better.

Best photos

Nowadays selfies are all the rage, but when it comes to travelling with your buddies you know that there is always someone at hand to click some amazing pictures. If someone in the squad clicks good photos, you all will be sorted with your respective new profile pictures for the next few months. It will also be a memorable experience to have a cool photo of your squad at a scenic mountain top as everyone is witnessing the beautiful sunset. Nevertheless, you will always have some unforgettable memories and incredible squad photos to look back upon fondly.

A different perspective

You might be a person who looks and appreciates the beauty in art but there might also be a dirty minded friend in your group who always has something gross to say. Someone from your squad might have visited the place previously and could be your travel guide. The funniest guy in your squad might even make a near death situation funny to remember. Be it putting fake moustaches on your face or empty coconuts on your head, you all will end up doing crazy stuff you wouldn’t have even imagined doing when travelling solo.

It’s  cheaper

Travelling to any new destination can get expensive no matter how many small expenditures you make along the way. Travelling with your friends will make it easy on your pocket as you will share bills for food, fuel and hotel rooms with the rest of the group.

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Travel delay becomes bearable

Regardless of whether or not you are a seasoned traveller, there is always the chance that you might miss your connecting flight and be stranded at the airport waiting for the next flight out. If you are travelling with your buddies the pain won’t hurt as much unless, it was a very expensive flight. If something like this happens, the squad has someone to blame and make fun of for the whole trip.

Someone’s always got your back

So, it might happen that you forgot to bring your toothpaste, but you don’t have to worry as someone from your squad will have one in their backpack. The main advantage of travelling with your friends is that someone’s always got you covered. It doesn’t matter if you are short on clothes, money or something else one of your buddies will always have your back.

The advantages of travelling with buddies are endless and this article can go and on. We hope you get the idea of how you can enjoy a road trip with your friends. The occasion can be anything from a casual road trip to a class reunion or a hen do. Now remember that, the roadtrip may not go as planned but aren’t the best trips those that are unplanned, random and spontaneous?

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