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5 Pen And Paper Games For Kids And Adults

Pen And Paper Games For Kids And Adults

Games are the best way to pass free time. Now, if you are thinking that we are talking about mobile games then you are wrong. Here we mean some easy, yet interesting pen and paper games.

All of us must have played these games during our teenage, but now that digital games have taken over, we hardly see a kid playing any of them. So we thought, why not feel a bit nostalgic, go back to the pen and paper age for a while and enjoy some really interesting games?

If you are trying to recall some of these, then don’t worry, here we have already mentioned some games that are good for kids as well as adults. So, just read along and get ready to play!

1. Bulls and cows pen and paper game

Also known as Pigs and Bulls game, this pastime can be played by two or more players at a time.  To play this game, you need a sharp mind and intellectual skills as you need to guess the numbers/letters written by your opponent.

In this game, you’ve got to write a four-digit number or word on a paper and the opponent has to guess the digits/letters. If the person guesses the correct number at the right place, then they get a bull, but if they guess the correct digit at the wrong place, then they get a cow. All the players take their turn to discover the secret word or number written by their opponent.

2. Tic-Tac-Toe

This is the most suitable game for kids of all age, as it teaches them good sportsmanship. In this game, a grid of two horizontal and vertical lines is made, which players fill with either an X or O as they take their turn.  The goal of each player is to get three same letters in a row and draw a line on them, be it horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The player who gets a line before their opponent is the winner of the game.

Since it is so easy to play and takes hardly two or three minutes for one round, one can play it anywhere and with anyone.

3. Word square

This is a simple, yet challenging game that more than one player can play at a time. In this, each player draws a four space by four space square hiding it from other players. Each player calls out a letter taking their turn, which is written by all the participants somewhere in their grid. The goal of the game is to make as many four letters words as possible– horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Once all the spaces in the grid are filled, every player discloses their grid and the one who makes the maximum number of words is the winner.

It is not only good to pass free time, but also makes you recall your memory to search for maximum words. Thus, the game is a good mental exercise for kids.

4. Dot and boxes

This is yet another easy and fun-loving pen and paper game played in a grid. The game is usually played by two persons at a time; however, more than two players can also play it. Each player takes a different coloured pen and draws a line by taking their turn. The goal of each participant is to complete a block on the grid preventing the others from doing so. Once a block is made by a player, they can write their initial in it and draw an additional line in the grid.

Once all the dots of the grid are connected through lines, the player with maximum boxes gets announced the winner.

5. Word watch

The games we have discussed so far require at least two players at a time, but if you are alone and looking for ways to have fun with yourself, then this is the best pen and paper game for you. Just take a cheap printed pen and piece of paper, and write down as many words from your surrounding as you can. Once you are done with words, you can create an interesting story using the set of words or can arrange them in their alphabetical order or can even break down the larger words in possible smaller words.

We hope these games not only help you have fun, but also make your memory sharp through mental exercise. So what are you waiting for? Just find yourself a partner and start playing!

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