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Pizza World Records That You Never Knew Existed

Pizza World Records

Pizza is famous around the world for its delicious toppings, umptuous cheesiness and for being a food almost everybody loves to eat. With all the new varieties coming along it is not really a surprise that people over the years have tried to create records that involved pizza.. But have you ever heard about the people who became famous through pizza? The record breakers?

In this article, we look at the most remarkable pizza achievements in the record books.

Longest Pizza Delivery

Lucy Clough created the world record for the longest pizza delivery as recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records. Working at Domino’s she travelled almost 17,000 kilometres from London to Melbourne for a pizza delivery in November 2004. It is a record that still exists, and chances of breaking it seem slim.

Largest Pizza

One of the most well known records related to pizza is the biggest pizza ever made, and it was completed in Rome, Italy, in December 2012. The pizza had a surface area of 13,600 square feet and was made by Dovilio Nardi, Andrea Mannocchi, Marco Nardi, and Matteo Giannotte.

The most striking thing about the pizza was that it was gluten-free. The aim was to promote the importance of a healthy diet. The pizza was named Ottavia, meaning the eighth son, and was also the name of the first Roman emperor Octavian Augustus who was notoriously famous for his wayward way of ruling the empire.

Largest Pizza Delivery

In 2012 on Independence day in the United States, an organisation named Pizza 4 Patriots decided to feed all the military personnel serving outside the country. The process of making these pizzas began well before the due date with Great Kitchens Inc. who baked 30,000 foot-long pizzas for the US soldiers. The delivery was fulfilled by DHL and started in June when the orders arrived at Kandahar Air Base, Bagram Air Base and Camp Bastion in Afghanistan and Kuwait.

Fastest time to eat a 12” Pizza

There are many records created when it comes to fastest pizza eating but the one documented in the Guinness World Book of Records is the one created by Kelvin Medina in 2015 when he participated in a competition to eat a standard 12 inch pizza in the fastest time possible. He won the race by completing the task in just 23 seconds.

Most Pizzas in 10 minutes

The world record for eating as many pizzas as possible in ten minutes was set by Joey Chestnut who was already famous for his records for eating chicken wings and pies in a specific time.

On October 12, 2008, in a famous pizza eating competition at Times Square, he was able to consume 45 pizza slices in 10 minutes. He did so at the age of just 24, beating ten other contestants in front of thousands of people. According to one estimate he consumed four days’ calorie requirement for an average human in just those 600 seconds.

Longest Pizza

This is different from the world’s largest pizza because the main aim here was to cover the longest distance possible without worrying about a round base. In 2016, a team of 250 chefs got together to make the pizza and used wood burning stoves that were explicitly designed for this purpose. Wheel stoves made it more comfortable to roll the slices and cook them with as much as 1800 kilos of flour and the same amount of mozzarella cheese. 1200 kilos of tomato sauce was required, and it took 55 gallons of oil and 20 kilos of basil to complete the pizza toppings. The whole process took 7 hours and finally a 1.8 km long pizza was ready. It broke the record for the longest pizza previously set at 1.3 km long.

Heaviest Pizza

The world’s heaviest pizza is a record that has stood for a long time. In 1990, Norwood Hypermarket created the record for the heaviest pizza. It was 12500 kg in weight. It was more of a pie than a pizza but the number of ingredients required; 3000 kg of flour, 1200 kg cheese, 800 kg chopped tomatoes, 700 kg mushroom and 900 kg tomato puree, tell how much work it took to create this record that has stood the test of time.

Most Pizzas made in an hour

We all worry about the time it will take for the pizza delivery person to arrive, and Domino’s Pizza in the United States showed clearly they had the fastest service while using the standard procedures and ingredients. Brian Edler was the person nominated by the company in Ohio and in 2010 he was able to make the standard 12 inches pizza with a 14-ounce base, a specific amount of sauce and cheese. In 60 minutes he baked 215 pizzas, 9 of them were rejected because they did not meet the requirements or were not presentable, but with 206 pizzas accepted, ladies and gentleman, we have a winner.

Most Toppings on One Pizza

An American girl with the username of Catrific was listed as the unofficial winner of the most toppings added on one pizza when she participated in an online competition. She had to follow specific guidelines from the website which made sure that seasoning such as salt and pepper did not count as a topping. Anyhow, following the instructions she was able to add 27 different toppings on her 12-inch pizza that included pepperoni, bacon, vegetable, chicken, cookies, macaroni, cheese and many more.

Most Pizza boxes held at one time

A group of workers at a local pizza takeaway hold the record for the most pizza boxes held for five seconds. The previous record was for three seconds, and employees of Mr Jim Pizza used standard 14 inches boxes and arranged 80 of them on top of each other to create a tower. Colin Schaer was the person chosen to perform this task, and he lifted them from the table on which the boxes were placed, and he was able to keep his composure and footing while leaning against the counter to break the record with just one hand.

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