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Top 7 British Cakes You Must Know

Most popular british cakes

Cake is popular all over the world, we do not know all the kinds of cakes baked in different countries. So, to enlighten you all about several different cakes, we list down the top 7 most famous cakes baked in UK.

Victoria Cake

Of course, there has to be a Victoria Cake in UK. The list cannot start without this one. A Victoria Sponge Cake was named after Queen Victoria. She often enjoyed a slice of this sponge cake during her tea time. The cake is filled with jam and cream in between the layer and is a very easy and simple to make. In UK, they also make different forms of the ingredients in pudding, cupcakes and brownie form.

Battenberg Cake

This cute pink and yellow chequered cake is one of a kind. This cake became famous during the time when Prince Louis of Battenberg married Princess Victoria in 1884. This is made by baking the yellow sponge and pink one separately and then cutting them into pieces and combining into squares. It is held by apricot jam and fixed and covered with marzipan. The check pattern makes this cake diverse and amazing.

Dundee Cake

This cake is a rage in Scotland. It is their traditional dessert too. The Dundee Cake is filled with rich flavours of almonds, currants and sultanas. Sometimes, fruit peel is used to add flavour to this cake. The story behind this delicacy is that, Mary Queen of Scots never liked cherries as toppings on her cakes, so the first ever cake that was made for her was the fruit cake which has blanched almonds on the top instead of the traditional cherries. And that’s how the Dundee was known. Till date this cake is only topped with almonds.

Chelsea Bun

This is not typically a cake but belongs to the cake family in Chelsea, London. This currant bun was created in the Bun House in Chelsea during the 18th century. The main ingredients of this bun are yeast, lemon peels or flavour and cinnamon. It is produced in a cinnamon roll.

Parkin Cake

This might look like a brownie but it isn’t at all like one. The parkin cake is filled with the goodness of oatmeal and treacle. This cake is traditionally eaten on Guy Fawkes Night which is the November 5th. It originated from Yorkshire and is usually sweetened with honey instead of sugar. Super healthy right?

Scone Cake

This little cupcake kind of cake is a quick breakfast serve in UK. Scones are made of wheat, oatmeal, barley and baking powder (leavening agent). The method of cooking is on sheet pans. Served with clotted cream or fresh cream and jam, Scones are one of the tastiest breakfast foods you will get in UK. Though they were discovered in the 1500s yet the recipe hasn’t changed since then.

Welsh Cake

Traditionally baked on a griddle, welsh cakes are cookie like cakes. These slim cakes are filled with raisins, mixture of spices and sultanas.

We hope you enjoyed reading about these cakes. You can opt for online cake delivery to send across some traditional dessert.

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