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4 Desserts To Try Around the World

Desserts To Try Around the World

Countries around the world have a variety of unique baked goods for locals and visitors to try. These can range from savory to sweet, and fancy dishes to low-key delicious street food. Here are four desserts to try around the world.

1. Black Forest Cherry Cake, Germany

Originating from the Black Forest region of Germany, this cake is comprised of layers of chocolate cake separated with cherries, whipped cream and chocolate shavings. If you see this decadent cake in a bakery display case manufacturers, give it a try whether you are in Germany or a distinctly German city in the United States.

2. Mochi, Japan

Mochi is a traditional Japanese dessert made from rice paste and comes in a wide variety of sweet and savory flavors including matcha, chocolate, pumpkin and mango. Due to its texture, mochi is responsible for several choking deaths every year, so take care to chew thoroughly when enjoying this tasty treat. If you happen to be in Japan, be sure to try a variety of mochi including kiri mochi, kusa mochi and sakura mochi.

3. Baklava, Greece

Baklava is a traditional dish with roots in Greece and Turkey, consisting of layers of phyllo dough, walnuts, almonds, or pistachios and honey. Phyllo dough is characterized by being very thin, so much so that it is named after the Greek word for “leaf.”

4. Beaver Tails, Canada

No beavers were harmed in the production of this sweet treat! Beaver tails are a distinctly Canadian treat that consists of fried dough topped with ingredients such as whipped cream, bananas, cookies, cinnamon sugar and hazelnut. If you are feeling extremely adventurous, you can enjoy this delicacy topped with savory ingredients like hot dogs or that other famous Canadian dish, poutine.

Keep an eye out for these sweet and interesting treats the next time you hit the road.

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