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How to Fashion an At Home Salad Bar

How to create a salad bar right at home

Throwing parties can be a great way to get friends together to celebrate holidays, birthdays, or any days! They eliminate much of the cost of eating out and save the host from reserving a table or room at a restaurant or facility. There are plenty of expected party elements, such as finger sandwiches, drinks, and decor, but maybe you’re looking to shake things up a little bit. Especially if you have a health conscious group, you might be thinking of purchasing some salad bar equipment for your next gathering. If this sounds like something you would do, then check out these fun tips on how to create a salad bar right at home without any special tools!

What You’ll Need

Every good salad bar has options, so you want to make sure you have plenty of supplies so everyone can make exactly the salad they want. The first area you can look at is the dressings. What kind of salads will your guests be making? This question can help you determine which dressings to buy or prepare yourself. Things like ranch, balsamic vinaigrette, and Italian dressings are all quick and easy to make yourself if you’re aiming for a more DIY feel.

Next, you should consider your greens. Is there a certain type of salad you’re leaning toward, or do you want to offer lots of variety. You could get things like spring mix, mixed greens, spinach, romaine, or kale, and let the guests decide what’s best for them. Finally, think of your fixings. You’ll want things like cheese, tomatoes, onions, avocado, nuts, and croutons on the table so people can load up their plates with deliciousness. You can also offer a protein like grilled chicken if you have meat eaters in the group. Lay all these items out on your counter or on a tray, and you’ve made an at home salad bar!

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