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What Causes You to Sleep Late at Night?

Reasons you can't sleep

There are so many reasons why your body sleeps late at night. If you’re not yet sure what’s causing you a hard time sleeping, then you should see if you’ve been doing these things prior to sleeping:

1. Switching the lights on

Trying to sleep with the lights on is probably the culprit of you sleeping late at night. Whether it’s a night lamp, your television or an electronic device, switching the lights on may give you a hard time going to sleep. This is because the human body is designed to sleep at night and automatically wake up when sunlight seems to rise. Artificial lights are no different. When the eyes are exposed to light, the brain produces less melatonin, this hormone is what causes you to sleep. No wonder putting our phones beside you when sleeping is also a cause of sleeping late at night.

2. Exercising late at night

Some people choose to exercise after work and think that after a tiring day and workout they will sleep soundly. Studies show that exercising 3 hours prior to sleeping will awaken your body and stimulate your metabolism. Your heart rate rises which cause you uneasiness that wakes you in the middle of the night. It is better to exercise in the morning or at least in the afternoon to prevent late night sleeping.

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3. Drinking alcohol before bed

If you think that drinking alcohol may induce your sleep then you’re right, but only for a short period of time. Drinking alcohol interferes with REM sleep which makes you feel tired the next day.

4. Your room’s temperature

Having a cool temperature for your room when sleeping may allow you to have sounder sleep. Using a fan may promote sleep more because it relaxes the body and brain while producing a level of white noise which is needed. Remember not to get too cool because it disturbs your sleeping patterns as well, causing you to sleep late at night.

5. Drinking Soda at dinner

Soda has caffeine and just like coffee it keeps the body and brain alive for at least 5 hours after drinking it. If you want to sleep early then cut the soda during dinner and drink your coffee early.

6. Watching TV until you’re sleepy

A lot of people watch TV in order to sleep. Unfortunately watching TV does not help in relaxing the brain, it even stimulates the activity of the brain making sleeping a hard time after watching TV. Also, television is a light source that awakens the brain. (Check out number 1)

7. Worrying late at night

Usually, we end the day thinking about all sorts of things such as the house bills, problems at work, etc. Late at night worrying can never get you to sleep early. It pretty much occupies an hour or two while you are on your bed not even taking action on the things you’re worried about. It’s best to try to sleep early and wake up early to plan out the things that concern you.

8. Too much Protein

In most dinners, we find a good portion of protein. But protein is hard to digest and requires energy from your digestive system. It’s hard to sleep when you’re stomach is trying to digest that steak you ate a while ago. It is suggested to take a light carbohydrate snack when you’re trying to avoid sleeping late at night.

So the next time you want to hit the bed early, try to check if you have been doing one of these 8 things. Here are more sleep related tips that would help. Visit Counting Sheep Research.

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