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Tips on Staying Healthy During Monsoons with Ayurveda

Choose Ayurveda to Stay Healthy This Monsoon

One of the most awaited seasons in India is the Monsoons. The rains come as a welcome respite after the scorching Indian summers. It brings down the temperature and makes the land fertile again. But there is, as always, a flip side. Monsoon also increases the chances of infections with a rise in cases of gastrointestinal infections and fever.

But there are ways of enjoying the monsoon without falling prey to its ills. Staying safe and taking care of your health is important, especially when the seasons are changing. The usual response around this year is to pop pills when one falls sick. However, a better approach would be to start safe and practice precaution. Ayurvedic practices and products through Ayurvedic pharma franchise India show us the way to stay healthy.

The Monsoons in Ayurveda

Ayurveda divides the year into six seasons — shishira, vasanta, varsha, sharad, hemant and grishma. In each season the various elements like the sun, moon, wind and rain interact with each other, effecting our environment and health. Varsha is the monsoon season. This is when the earth and creatures regain their energy that is lost during the previous seasons.

The monsoons also effect the doshas. Vata dosha that accumulates drink the summers is aggravated at this time, increasing the likelihood of digestive problems. Pita dosha accumulates during this season, becoming aggressive in the autumn. Ayurveda believes that our body changes as per the season and we must make changes accordingly.

Here are some of the tips we should follow during the monsoon:

1. Right Diet

Since the monsoons usually plays havoc with the digestive system, adhering to a strict diet is important. Ayurveda lays down some strict rules here. Consume food that is light and fresh. Opt for barley, wheat, rice, lentils, green gram, ginger and cow’s ghee. Foods to be avoided include leafy vegetables, curds, and red meat. Opt for buttermilk in place of curd.

Take vegetables in a sour broth form. Take a little ginger with salt before every meal. On cool days opt for salty, sour and oily food. Avoid warm, raw, uncooked, and stale food. Take Haritaki or Harad with rock salt. It is available with any Ayurvedic pharma franchise India.

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2. Skincare

Rainy season attracts insects and the resultant insect bites! It also makes your skin more prone to infections. To safeguard against this use neem oil in your bath. Just add a few drops of nee moil along with sesame oil to your bath. The neem oil is a very effective anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent. Keep the bathwater slightly warm to keep your vata dosha in check. You can get these oils from Ayurvedic pharma franchise India.

3. Drinking Right

Drink plenty of water. But with high levels of contaminants it is better to boil the water before drinking it. Here’s another recipe to aid digestion — In some hot water add salt, pepper and ginger. Take this concoction everyday.

4. Exercise

Do not make the rains an excuse to not exercise. There are other indoor exercises that you can follow, especially yoga. At the very least, do some stretching exercises. Exercise not only makes the body strong, it also helps our mental balance. This can be just the boost we need on days that are gloomy and overcast.

4. Keep The Body Warm

The temperature often suddenly comes down during the rains. It is important to keep the body warm and at a certain constant temperature. Avoid going into an air-conditioned room if you have been suddenly caught in a downpour and are wet. Wipe yourself immediately and stay dry when in a cool environs. Take bath with warm water to ensure the body temperature stays warm.

5. Be Hygienic

Many air and water borne infections can be avoided by following hygienic habits. Keep your surroundings clean. We often find stagnant water around our house during rains. Such spots should be cleaned or filled up once rains stop. Keep yourself covered when going out to avoid insect bites. Avoid eating from the roadside hawkers as water borne diseases are at the peak at this time.

6. Herbal Teas

Try different kids of herbal teas to strengthen your body from within. You can get green teas, neem tea, ginger tea or lemon tea from Ayurvedic pharma franchise India.

These are some of the easy and effective ways to take care or your health in monsoon season. Rainy season makes you feel happy, it has it’s own charm. If you liked reading this article don’t forget to share it with your fans and followers.

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