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3 Birthday Activities Your Teenage Son Will Love Off-road Buggies

Birthday Activities Your Teenage Son Will Love Off-road Buggies

If your son is in to outdoor activities and doesn’t mind a bit of mud, then off-road buggies could be the perfect birthday bash for him and his friends.

In dry conditions these buggies drift, slide and the 400cc engines go at a fair lick.

In the wet they’re a different animal, tactical driving, calmness under pressure and daring characteristics are needed to tackle the courses available.

Though simple to drive, the mud buggies will be sliding, jumping and have a full roll-cage just in case you forget where the break is.

Unfortunately, you need to be over 12 and need a minimum of four people, the more the merrier!

There are not many of these mud buggy tracks around the country, but we found a good one in Leicestershire.

Bubble Bump

Imagine a big bubble with your son trapped in the middle, all his mates are stuck in the same situation, what can they do? Oh yes, bash in to each other and send each other flying in utter hilarity.

The only way this could possibly get any better would be to add in a football! Guess what? It even has goals.

Bubble bump is possibly the most fun you can have on two feet. Though most of the time players are laying down trying to get up like a weird human-ladybird there will be fond memories for years.

10 friends are a must as the games are best as 5-a-side, a substitution or two may help for those walking wounded.

It’s fairly cheap too, usually cost between £10 and £20 pounds per person, less if you get a group party.

Most counties have a Bubble Bump centre, if not there’s some good resources online for finding one nearby.

Nuclear Races

If your son is in to his fitness and has a group of friends who are like-minded then a Nuclear race is possibly the only option for his birthday bash.

A Nuclear run is basically a grown-up playground, an obstacle course stretched over several kilometres.

Including high walls, swing ropes, trenches, mud slides, tree climbs, rope ladders and many many more challenging obstacles along the way.

Working as a team or in a race the birthday boy will obviously have a stiff challenge to win!

These Nuclear races are generally quite expensive considering you could create a similar thing in most woods, but if you barter and get a meal included you can make a really good day of it.

At between £30-£50 per person you’ll need a decent budget or some friendly parents who will contribute to the day.

Nuclear runs are available all over the country, often there will be one right on your doorstep.

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