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What You Should Know Before Buying a Dual Console Boat

What You Should Know Before Buying a Dual Console Boat

Boats are great for exploring the sea, but without the proper equipment, they can be dangerous. The best way to stay safe is to carry two of everything (just like you’re supposed to on airplanes) – but that’s not always possible. There are several things you should know before buying a dual console boat so you can enjoy your experience to the fullest:

Know Your Tiller Arm Length

A dual console boat is great for two people, but you need to ensure that the tiller arm length fits you both. If it’s too long, one person will be forced to sit in front of another and make turning hard. On the flip side, whoever sits in the back will have to do all the turning if it’s too short. Both are uncomfortable, so take measurements before you buy.

Make Sure Your Trim Tabs Are Working Properly

Many boats come with dual consoles for a reason: everyone loves having their place and station, and it can save on equipment. The downside of a Dual Console Boats is that you have two trim tabs instead of one, and they must be working properly. Trim tabs allow you to direct your boat’s engine power into the water, pushing it either forward or back depending on the tab you use. If they’re not functioning correctly, both stations will experience problems with their steering, and it could cause a dangerous situation.

Be Sure to Have an Extra

You’re out on your boat having fun with your friends when one of the engines abruptly cuts out for no apparent reason. You turn off the ignition and try to restart it again later, only to find that there’s nothing wrong with it – or at least nothing that you’re able to fix. The engine needs a little time to cool off, which means your next trip will be delayed. This is what it’s like when the day finally comes when one station no longer works, and you have to switch places to get home safely.

A dual console boat is great for everyone, but you need to pick the right one if you want to get the most out of your experience. If you know what to look for ahead of time, you’ll get what you need for both comfort and safety.

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