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Exotic Movie Locations You Must Visit

Exotic Movie Locations You Must Visit

Movies are an excellent way to refresh your mind and body. When you sit in the dark for about two hours, you prominently do not have anything running in your mind since your eyes are glued to the screen.

Apart from the mental and physical rest, you also get to know a lot of things through movies like different adventurous activities, exotic locations around the world and cultures as well.

But, your journey does not end after the credits, as you take away the sight of various movie locations with a desire to visit them at least once in your life. We have listed some such exotic locations which you may want to explore:

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New Zealand-Lord Of The Rings

All those who have watched the movie cannot ignore the stunning backdrops of New Zealand where the movie was exclusively shot in. In fact it is safe to say that the tourism industry in New Zealand experienced a significant boost after the release of this oscar winning trilogy. One can say that it is an ideal backpacker location and the Kiwi director-Peter Jackson has rightfully used it for the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

The movie was shot in about 274 days on approximately 350-purpose built sets and in about 150 locations. This is the very first time that a trilogy movie was shot all at once thereby making it one of the biggest productions in the history of cinema.

The village now welcomes visitors with the sign saying ‘welcome to Hobbiton’ while they originally were famous as the rolling hills of Matamata. During the shooting of the movie, this spot was chosen to be the hobbit holes of Hobbiton and hence the villagers continue using that name.

Queenstown which is popularly known as the adventure capital of New Zealand is one of the key shooting locations for the movie. Shots like the Pillars of Argonath, Eregion Hills, etc, were filmed at this location.

Thailand- The Man With The Golden Gun and The Beach

Phang Nga Bay in Phuket is used as a hide-out spot for baddy Scaramanga’s island in the James Bond Movie-The Man with The Golden Gun. It is a chain of tiny jungles covered in limestone pillars. The popularly known –James Bond Island experienced heavy foot traffic after the release of the movie. Tourists take a boat trip to the marooned island in the Andaman Sea.

The island of Phi Phi Leh gained popularity due to a film directed by Danny Boyle – The Beach. In fact, it has turned out to be one of the most visited spots for backpackers and beach lovers. The movie also got engulfed in a controversy while filming and there were allegations of vandalism as imported palms were planted at the beach to change its original look.

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London -Fast and Furious 6

Do you remember the scene where a stray car is being removed from an upper window on Lambeth Bridge in Millbank? And, the high octane chase that ensued was shot in Glasgow. This is when you fall in love with the country.

Tokyo-Lost In Translation

Lost in Translation acquired a lot of critical acclamation and was completely shot in Tokyo. You can say that the location is the main star of the movie. The movie revolves around a love story between an American actor experiencing a mid-life crisis (shooting a whiskey commercial in Japan) and an equally depressed women accompanying her husband on a business trip.

The film is shot in two districts namely-Shibuya and Shinjuku. You can get to know about the most expensive hotels in the area through this movie especially, The Park Hyatt Hotel which is forever remembered as the place where Bob and Charlotte met for the first time (in Shinjuku).

You can also visit Ichikan, which is famed for having some of the best sushi available in the world. You can plan a trip to Shinjuku district if you wish to enjoy the sight of neon lit buildings and the temple that Charlotte visits right at the start of the movie.

Salzburg, Austria-The Sound Of Music

Have you ever dreamt to sing at the top of your lungs over a hilltop like Maria? Or having your first kiss in a pavilion? Then visit Salzburg where you can enjoy the beautiful sight, which was also the location of the acclaimed Rogers and Hammerstein musical.

You can visit Nonnberg Abbey where Maria converted into a nun. You can also visit the Hellbrunn castle where you get to view glass pavilion. If you wish to visit the spot where Baron and Maria get married then search for Mondsee Cathedral.

Sometimes doing something adventurous might involve participating in an interesting activity like quad biking, blindfold driving or a Formula one simulator, especially if you don’t currently have the budget to travel. But, if your heart is set on an exciting adventure in an exotic location, be sure to visit one of the places mentioned in our list.

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