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3 East Coast States to Visit

East Coast States to Visit

The East Coast often gets a bad wrap from the rest of the country. Busy cities like Boston and New York give a perception of chaos and unrest, but the East Coast actually has some delightful places to visit for once-in-a-lifetime vacations you won’t ever forget. Also, don’t forget to use coupons to get some discount before booking a room in a hotel or renting out a yacht. Here are just a few East Coast states to put on your travel list:


Portland and Bar Habour, two vibrant cities located in Maine, top the list of cities where East Coasters stay when they visit up North. However, many little seaside villages dot the coast of Maine, and a must see stop is quaint Old Orchard Beach. This tiny town hosts a play place for toddlers as well as some of the nation’s finest lobster dining. Overall, if you are looking for a cooler place to visit in July or August, Maine hosts high temperatures of around 70 degrees during those months, making it a great get-away from the rest of the country.

North Carolina

Another great East coast state to visit is North Carolina. There are some beautiful beach houses in North Carolina, and NC beaches are generally much less busy than the famous beaches in Florida.  If the beach is not your thing, any avid outdoorsman will be floored with the amazing hiking and scenic views available in the Great Smoky Mountains.


The stat of Maryland serves up off-the-chart-oh-so-good crab cakes and is a must visit state at some point in your life. The history that can be unearthed in places like Baltimore is incredible; walk to the top of the hill at the famous Fort McHenry and see the flag that inspired the national anthem by Francis Scot Key, or visit a historic ship docked in the harbour.

You can’t go wrong with a vacation to any of these states; each of them has something wonderful to offer. Get your hotel booked and your bags packed, as adventure awaits!

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