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4 Things You Can Do With the Right TABC License

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The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission offers various licenses and permits depending on the type of business you have. Here are some of the things business owners can do with the right fit for their company.

1. Sell Alcohol on Planes

If you have a commercial airline, you are probably already familiar with restrictions on alcohol sales. Getting a TABC license will let you sell alcohol while flying over or in the state of Texas.

2. Transport Alcohol

The right TABC permit will let you transport alcoholic beverages from wherever you purchase them to your store. This will be separate from the license that lets you sell mixed beverages, and you should check the TABC official website for more details. Additional licenses can be purchased that allow businesses to transport alcohol into and out of the state of Texas. While this is typically an option for retailers, it is also a way to offer delivery services.

3. Store Liquor

A bonded warehouse license can let a holder store liquor for a properly permitted business. Additionally, a special license lets public storage facilities in dry areas store wine for properly permitted wineries.

4. Manufacture Alcoholic Beverages

Licenses are also available that allow a business to manufacture alcoholic beverages and wholesale them to permitted locations within or outside Texas. The primary customer for these companies should be retailers or distributors. If combined with the right permits, manufacturers can also act as distributors and sell directly to bars and clubs. Additionally, small-scale brewers can sell any ale they produce to consumers on the premises. However, restrictions on how much ale can be sold to consumers if they only hold a manufacturer’s license.

There are many different licenses and permits available from the TABC. Getting the right option will let you do a variety of things that can enhance your business.

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