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5 Tips to Make Your Wedding Day Less Stressful

Tips to Make Your Wedding Day Less Stressful

A wedding should be a joyous, fun-filled day with family and friends, celebrating a new couple starting a new chapter together. That doesn’t mean weddings are not stressful to plan. Below are five tips to make your wedding day less stressful.

1. Hire a Wedding Coordinator

Many wedding venues have a wedding coordinator locked into the overall price of the booking, so you will have someone on hand to help coordinate vendors and facilitate setup and clean up. In the event your chosen venue is a blank canvas, hire an outside wedding coordinator to help you the day of. This way, you aren’t scrambling to do grunt work mere hours before your wedding vows.

2. Book Transportation Services

Weddings are a party, and people do like to drink alcohol at parties. To help your guests stay safe, consider booking transportation services for them. A charter bus rental Birmingham AL can shuttle guests to and from a central location, like a recommended hotel.

3. Keep Food and Drink Options Simple

Multiple options for food and drinks can make planning a reception overly complicated. Stick to a few delicious dishes (with maybe a vegetarian option) and consider skipping a full, open bar. Your budget will thank you if you narrow down the available choices and simplify the menu.

4. Practice Your First Dance

Although some couples may thrive on the dance floor, others may dread dancing in front of a crowd. If you happen to be latter, set aside some time to practice your first dance with your partner. Hopefully, this will combat any nerves you have.

5. It’s Okay to Delegate

When a family member, friend, or bridal party member offers to help you, don’t be afraid to say yes. Delegating tasks on the day of the wedding will help you relax and be less stressed.

With a little planning and careful execution before your wedding day, you are sure to have a wonderful day filled with love and fun.

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