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How To Best Protect Your Smile

So, you love your smile and want to keep it looking beautiful for life? There is no getting around the fact that the best way to keep a bright and beautiful smile is with the help of a dentist St John’s Wood.

There are certain obligations that are the responsibility of the patient, one of which is the bi-annual teeth and gum check at a dental practice. These check-up appointments are ideal for identifying poor oral health issues that can destroy the look of a smile as well as threaten dental health and function.

Some of these poor oral health issues include fractured teeth, gum inflammation and sensitivity, tooth discolouration, overcrowding, crooked or misaligned teeth and tooth decay. An undesirable consequence of tooth decay is tooth loss. There is nothing as distracting or embarrassing as gaping holes in a dental arch. According to NHS Digital data, eight in ten adults in the UK have teeth that are in the process of decay.

Ways professional dental care protects the smile

Cosmetic dentistry is the go-to solution to fix aesthetic-related issues with a smile. Depending on your exact smile imperfection, there are a number of different cosmetic dental options to choose from.

Professional dental care keeps your smile looking bright. Over time your teeth may begin to lose their natural whiteness. The foods and beverages you consume, indulging in bad lifestyle habits such as tobacco use, the medications you take, dental injuries and age are all common causes of teeth becoming discoloured.

There are two paths to brightening the colour of teeth: professional in-chair teeth whitening procedures and over-the-counter products that are used at home. While the latter works to a limited degree, it is the brightening procedures carried out at a dental practice that is found to be of superior quality to produce effective results safely and relatively quickly.

If teeth are chipped or cracked, you can opt for dental caps that are also effective to hide other imperfections such as discolouration and minor spaces between teeth. Dental caps are a popular choice as they are minimally invasive, produce excellent natural-looking results and can last for a long time if cared for well. Dental caps offer a further benefit by strengthening teeth through the addition of the durable dental material placed over enamel.

You can take steps to rehabilitate gum health. People are more familiar with tooth imperfections ruining the look of a smile, but gum health also plays an important part in a beautiful smile. Inflamed, red and receding gums are unsightly and leave you embarrassed to show off a warm wide smile. Gum health will not heal on its own, in fact, the longer left untreated, the worse the condition will escalate. It is only professional dental care that can save and protect gums and teeth.

Teeth grinding, which happens often during sleep, is another risk to teeth as this unwanted behaviour puts additional stress on teeth. Over time, the constant friction placed on teeth leads to enamel weakening, making teeth prone to breaking. A dental practitioner can advise on the best ways to prevent a patient from clenching their teeth.

Dental experts all agree that the best way to safeguard the aesthetics of an attractive smile is to visit your chosen dental practitioner as often as is recommended.

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