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What to do on Quinta Avenida in Playa del Carmen?

Playa Del Carmen Mexico is in the Mexican state of Yucatan. You can’t understand it till you’ve been there, but it should be on everybody’s travel lists. Playa, when compared with its larger neighbors, is not too big and not too small. A pleasant warm temperature, the weather is good year round. It’s not too busy and yet has most everything. This place will remain timeless, no matter what its more rowdy neighbors do. For example, Playa Del Carmen has approximately 10% of the hotel rooms of Cancun Mexico to the north.

Most of the tourists to Playa Del Carmen are from Canada. Many Canadians have adopted Playa Del Carmen as their own destination of choice, and they readily accept the few Americans that come down. Often they come for extended period of time using vacation house rentals to enjoy the Yucatan. Clearly seen is the fact that Playa Del Carmen is very different from other tourist hotspots. Welcoming you back to their restaurant is what makes eating at the smaller places worth it. Warm smiles greet you making you feel embraced and welcomed. There is a reason most of us want this city to stay hidden. A feeling which is a shared desire of the locals, who, it is reported, have for many years been reluctant to accept federal funds targeted at developing tourism in the area. Playa Del Carmen remains true to it’s roots.

Come see for yourself. Come experience the Playa Del Carmen lifestyle and enjoy an international vacation in style. The feeling you get here is unforgettable, stresses you didn’t even know you had melt away in the laid back vibe.

“La Quinta”, 5th Avenue 

The heart of Playa del Carmen is “la Quinta” or 5th avenue, quinta avenida playa del carmen. This popular street is filled with hundreds of shops, restaurants, bars and lounges. Day or night you can stroll along “la Quinta” exploring interesting shops, then stop for a coffee or Margarita in some cafe. There’s always something going on, and the people-watching is great! You can have dinner in a different place every night. The quality of the restaurants grants a new great experience every time.

Playa Del Carmen Lodging Options

When deciding on some Playa Del Carmen resorts or hotels, there are many all inclusive resorts to check out when visiting. The beauty of the region can really be enjoyed from the balcony of your luxury all inclusive resort, sipping on a free tropical drink, and eating the finest foods, at a great price. The all inclusive resorts in Playa offer some lodging options that really doesn’t disappoint, and in this economy, they are a great way to save money for the whole family. When thinking about some family travel Ideas, be sure to check out these hotels.

The Beaches Of Playa Del Carmen

Playa Del Carmen has many beaches to offer, in fact they are part of what make the area so famous. Starting from the ferry docks and continuing North, you will find vast stretches of playa beaches, open white sand, and crystal clear blue waters. Most resorts in Playa Del Carmen run parallel to the ocean, and are at least a short walk to reach the water’s edge.

As always, getting an ocean side room is recommended, the views can be stunning as you look over miles of blue ocean. Very relaxing. To get a great Playa Del Carmen deal, look off the beach and stay at a resort or hotel not far away. You will get great prices, and Playa’s beaches will remain within walking distance. All of the beaches are open to the public. Although getting access to some of them is trickier said than done.

There is the main beach in Playa, next is the Playa Tukan beach, the Mamitas Beach, the Shangri-La Beach, the Zubul Beach, and finally at the northern most tip is Coco beach. Most of these beaches get their names from the all inclusive Playa Del Carmen resort that is built up alongside.

As you enjoy the ocean here, be sure to notice the white sand beaches, not as powdery as Cancun, but more salt like. Be sure to wear sandals, as it can get pretty toasty on a hot day!

Since Playa’s beaches are taken care of by the city, they have a fulltime staff dedicated to picking up the garbage and maintaining the area. So you as a visitor have a ideal experience on a clean beach!

You are never far away from a good drink, or meal, as the restaurants and bars stand less than 40 yards away. So enjoy your margarita on the beach, go ahead, chase it down with a cerveza! You’re on vacation after all!

Don’t worry about your safety, the lifeguards patrol the beaches of Playa constantly, they are right on top of matters if something goes wrong. You are always under their watchful eye.

September is the hottest month for the water, at times like this you may find you actually are sweating in the ocean! It’s like taking a warm bath. December to March are the cold times for the ocean here.

Travel to Playa Del Carmen, and enjoy the beautiful beaches this area has to offer!


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