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All You Need To Know About Incognito Braces

Misaligned and crooked teeth are major concerns amongst the UK population and particularly young adults. As we live in the world of social media and advanced technology it is becoming increasingly easier and more popular to hand corrective dentistry work done in order to give oneself perfect teeth and a Hollywood smile. Often people feel self conscious and lack confidence and tend not to smile because they have either crooked, misshapen or misaligned teeth. If there are patients that suffer with misaligned teeth and are looking to have corrective work done to give themselves a confidence boost then they should not look any further than Weybridge Orthodontics, a dental practice that offers expert services such as Incognito Weybridge, designed to align teeth seamlessly and with minimal pain.

What is incognito?

Incognito braces are considered to be a new generation of braces designed to align teeth for patients of all ages. Incognito is a private treatment that is not available to patients under the NHS. Therefore please discuss payment and the potential to pay in installments with the dentist at the initial consultation. The practice will be able to cater for this and set up a payment plan with the patient. This will not impact or hinder the process at all.

How does Incognito work?

How does Incognito work

Incognito braces are considered to be invisible braces due to the fact that they are attached to the inner surface of the teeth and therefore cannot be seen by anyone. Essentially no one will know if a patient is using incognito braces unless they are told.

Incognito braces are tailor made and therefore if a patient is looking to have incognito braces they will need to set up an initial consultation with their dentist who will take imprints off the teeth and send these off to the lab in order for the braces to be custom made to fit the patient’s teeth. Once the braces are back from the lab the dentist will make another appointment for the patient where these will be fitted onto the teeth. Incognito braces have a flat design and are made of gold alloy. These get attached to the inner surface of the teeth. The benefits of using gold alloy is that the braces are unlikely to cause any allergic reaction in the patient and also they are easy to clean and maintain. The dentist will instruct the patient to brush twice daily as normal and also to floss daily at least once.

The benefits of having incognito braces is that they are easy to maintain, they are not visible to the public eye and therefore people who lack confidence will be able to hide the fact that they are using braces to align their teeth. Also incognito braces are super comfortable and do not cause the patient any discomfort or pain. In addition they will not have a negative impact on the patient’s speech and also eating abilities. Patients will be able to eat and drink as normal and there will be no restrictions on their ability to eat and drink certain food.

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