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Do I Need To Straighten My Teeth?

Do I Need To Straighten My Teeth

This is a question I’m sure many people have asked themselves when it comes to their teeth. Do I really need to straighten them or is it just me? Why can’t I be happy with the smile I’ve got? Should I change it? The list goes on and on. Lots of people miss the opportunity to straighten their teeth as children for lots of reasons and as we grow older this means we’re left with the decision to opt for adult straightening which comes with a new heap of stresses and concerns. So do you need to straighten your teeth? Should you? And who do you turn to for advice? Here’s all you need to know.

Who can help?

When it comes to teeth straightening, then the orthodontic dentists are the ones with the answers. They are trained and specialise in cosmetic dentistry including braces in Liverpool and will be able to offer clear advice and guidance on if you’re an appropriate candidate and if so, which options are available to you.

But there are other people to look to when thinking about teeth straightening. Firstly, talk to your friends and family. Having an open, honest conversation about why you want to straighten your teeth is a really good way to find out if you’re doing it for the ‘right reasons’. We live in a society that’s becoming more and more image conscious and how we feel about our appearance can be greatly influenced by those we see around us and the online content we consume, so check in. Is this something you’ve always wanted or is it a new thing? And if so why now?

Talk to a therapist, of course this isn’t accessible to everyone but seeing a person who’s knowledgeable in the area of body image could be a real clear indicator as to if you’re doing this for the healthy reasons or if it’s social pressures pushing down on you.

Are there other benefits to teeth straightening other than appearance?

Having braces in Liverpool fitted can help with overall teeth and gum health and straight teeth are generally much easier to clean. When teeth are lapped, and over crowded it can be harder to reach the areas where plaque and tartar is more likely to build up such as around the gum line. Being able to easily floss between teeth is a sure fire way of maintaining healthy gums.

There is evidence to support straighter teeth can help with teeth grinding and digestion issues. Both due to alignment. When teeth aren’t correctly aligned it can cause us to bite down harder and grind our teeth in our sleep. Teeth grinding can cause enamel to erode which is a leading cause of tooth decay. And with digestion, if the teeth aren’t correctly aligned it could cause problems with incorrect chewing, which can cause digestion issues such as bloating and constipation. Alignment can be corrected with braces and is worth looking into if you are someone with a bite issue.

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