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Wisdom Teeth Worries

Wisdom Teeth Worries

Yes – everyone goes through wisdom teeth worries and it can be a really uncomfortable time during your tooth health development. Wisdom teeth are those last four big teeth that come through right at the back of your mouth. Not only is it painful when they come through, but in some cases they go on to cause other issues. If you’re worried about your wisdom teeth, or a loved one has been complaining of discomfort then this one’s for you. Here’s all you need to know on wisdom teeth.

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars, they usually begin to appear in your late teens or early twenties, but they can really vary. Everyone is different and the time your wisdom teeth decide to pop through is not something to worry about, just be patient if they haven’t yet appeared. And if they never show well that’s absolutely fine too.

How do you know if you have wisdom teeth?

The first biggest clue is if you can feel them, when they begin to come through you will be able to feel the tooth coming through the gum line – but try and avoid touching it with your tongue or finger as this will very quickly and easily cause an infection, you really want to avoid that if possible.

When you go for your regular check-up with your dentist Fulham it’s highly likely they will be taking X-rays of your jaw and sometimes they are able to see the wisdom tooth beginning to come through before it’s pierced the surface of the gum. This can be great as it gives you time to prepare.

When do wisdom teeth become a problem?

Wisdom teeth for most people cause a little discomfort on their way through, then settle and don’t cause any further issues. However, for some people the way they grow through goes on to cause a series of infections which become a problem for the patient. If your wisdom tooth has grown through on a wonky alignment your dentist will be able to tell and should over the course of six months keep an eye on how many infections you’re getting, if the problem worsens they’ll likely recommend having the tooth taken out.

Why do infections happen?

If your tooth has grown through inappropriately then food and debris gets trapped and with the nature of the placement and angle, it means you can’t get to the area to clean it properly. Thus the food begins to rot and sit against the gum line, this causes infections. 


There are two options for extraction depending on how difficult a job your dentist believes it will be. You might just be able to have your tooth removed with a local anaesthetic in the dentist chair. They could, however, refer you to the local hospital where a dental surgeon will remove the tooth. Either option is very normal, it’s just that some teeth are harder to remove than others. Wisdom tooth removal is very common and recommended for those who repeatedly suffer infections, if you’re worried about your wisdom teeth book in with your local dentist soon.

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