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An Introduction To Corrective Dentistry

Tired of the way your teeth look? Looking to get dental implants in Milton Keynes? Then research for the best dental service in your area. If you have gaps in your teeth your dentist will be able to help you and get you the smile you want.

National statistics have shown that one in three people in the UK suffer with teeth and gum issues in their lifetime and lose one or more teeth. Having missing teeth can cause embarrassment and a lack of confidence in many and can impact on your social life and also your ability to talk and eat properly. It is therefore imperative that if you do suffer from missing teeth that you visit your dentist at the earliest opportunity.

How do you treat missing teeth?

Dental implants in Milton Keynes is one way of dealing with missing teeth and is one of the more preferred methods of treatment amongst our patients. Dental implants in Milton Keynes are essentially screws made of titanium metal that get drilled into the jawbone.

What is the procedure?

You will need to make an initial appointment with your dentist if you are indeed looking to have dental implants. Your dentist will undertake a thorough examination of your teeth and will then determine whether you are suitable for having dental implants.

Once the examination has taken place and the dentist has established your eligibility, they will then inform you of your next appointment at which they will perform the first part of the treatment. It is essential that until your appointment you maintain oral hygiene and brush and floss your remaining natural teeth twice daily. If you end up getting an infection prior to your treatment date the dentist will need to delay your treatment until you have fully recovered.

At the first treatment appointment the dentist will firstly numb the affected area to ensure that you are comfortable and do not experience any pain. They will then begin the procedure of inserting the titanium screw into the jawbone. This will be placed directly in the position of the missing tooth root. Effectively this will replace the old root. Once the screw is inserted into the jawbone it will be given approximately 4-6 weeks to heal and fuse with the jawbone and essentially become a natural part of the jawbone before the next part of the treatment is performed. During this time at first you will feel some discomfort and pain and therefore your dentist will provide you with painkillers and sometimes antibiotics if necessary.

At the second appointment the dentist will check that the dental implant is secure and will then go about placing the crown, bridge or denture directly onto the dental implant. The dental implant will act as the root structure and will hold the replacement tooth or teeth in place. This will then make your teeth look natural and will also improve your appearance and give you your confidence back. In addition you will be able to eat and talk normally again too.

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