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Porcelain Laminates: Myths Debunked

Have you read online that dental laminates look fake and are simply a waste of money? This can be discouraging if you are looking for a simple way to whiten your smile or conceal cracks in your teeth. Luckily, it is not true!

In this article, 5 of the most common myths surrounding veneers Wagga are explored, so you can learn what is fact and what is fiction with this treatment.

Myth 1-They look fake

There is a strange idea that laminates look fake. Rest assured, they do not! Your dental team can colour match them to your surrounding teeth, or any shade that you want. So if you are having them as part of a smile makeover, you can go for Hollywood style if you want to! But the choice about how the finished result looks is up to you.

Myth 2-Anyone can have them fitted

It is somewhat unfortunate, but not everybody is suitable for porcelain laminates.

The first thing that your dental team will assess when you attend a consultation to have laminates fitted is the condition of your teeth and gums. If you have signs of active gum disease, then you will need to have this treated before undergoing laminate fittings. Similarly, tooth decay will need to be dealt with before having a laminate fitted. For many people, laminates are an investment in their smile and they want them to last as long as possible. Many patients also choose to commit to smoking cessation as part of the build-up to this procedure. This is because gum disease (which is heightened by smoking) can cause laminates to fall off prematurely.

Myth 3-They stain easily

Porcelain laminates are less prone to staining than you may think. Indeed, natural teeth stain fairly easily, but this is because the enamel is porous and so substances can seep into the enamel surface and build up, causing stains to form. The porcelain used in the laminate coverings is naturally less porous than enamel and so it is less likely to succumb to staining from drinking red wine or coffee. It is worth noting, however, that porcelain laminates cannot be whitened and if they become discoloured, they will need to be replaced.

Myth 4-They are only for front teeth

In Hollywood, indeed, porcelain laminates were only usually used to accentuate the appearance of the front teeth. However, they can be fitted to any tooth, provided that it is structurally sound and can handle having the laminate fitted. Many people choose to have every tooth in their mouth undergo this procedure to create a more even-looking smile.

Myth 5-The fitting is uncomfortable

You may have read online that the fitting of porcelain laminates is uncomfortable. This is not the case and many patients who have undergone this treatment report no discomfort. To have laminates fitted, your dentist will need to gently sand the front of your teeth to create a rough surface. This should not be uncomfortable. Once completed, dental cement will be applied to the front of the tooth and the laminate will be pressed on. After a few moments (allowing the cement to set), your laminates are good to go. If you do experience any uncomfortable sensations, please report them to your dental team straight away.


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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