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Enhancing A Person’s Looks With Botox Dublin

With age some people start to lose their natural look that others may have found attractive, this happens naturally as people move into the second half of their lives and move towards old age. There may be signs of age that start to show on a person’s face in the form of wrinkles. Folds, or crow’s feet around the eyes. To some, these are signs of being distinguished and wise, but to others, these signs of age are unwanted features upon the face.

There are many people who start to investigate ways to fight the signs of ageing, leading them to visit chemists and other stores to look into creams and other remedies that may add moisture to the skin of the face and give them back the youthful looks of when they were young. But others may want to look at medical ways that may help to remove or disguise the signs of age; this has led to a rise in the number of people accessing facial aesthetics in the form of injectable cosmetic treatments.

When it comes to injectable cosmetic treatments one of them is far more widely known than the others, this is because Botox Dublin is widely used and has a proven track record for allowing patients to gain the results they desire.

The treatment

The treatment uses Botulinum Toxin Type A that is injected under the skin to allow the area being treated to fill out and look refreshed once more. This treatment can be administered to an area of the patient’s face, commonly around the eyes and in the areas of the forehead, within one short appointment that lasts thirty to forty-five minutes.

The full results of treatment should be totally visible within three to four days, and while patients may experience slight discomfort for a short time after treatment there tends to be no real downtime after treatment, as patients can carry on their lives as normal straight away. Though they should avoid wearing make-up, strong sunlight, and alcohol in the first few days after treatment.

It is also important to note that the effects of treatment are temporary, normally lasting four to six months. However, patients can have top-up treatments that will help to achieve longer-lasting effects, this should only be carried out with the approval of the professional administering the treatment.

Receiving treatment via a dental practice

It may seem strange to consider a dental practice providing treatments that do not fall within the realm of dentistry, but until consideration is given to the type of people who are best suited to place injections into the delicate areas of the face.

Dentists are highly trained professionals who have spent years practising administering injections into people’s faces without damaging any of the tiny muscles under the skin of the face, making them the perfect people to provide injectable cosmetic treatments to their patients.

For the patients seeking to undergo Botox Dublin, the important thing is that they are sure that the person providing the injections are trained to carry out the treatment in the safest way possible and in a clean clinical environment.

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