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To Botox Or Not To Botox? That Is The Question.

A dental degree in the UK takes five years and the course includes facial aesthetics. One of the procedures conducted when performing facial aesthetics is Botox Kent treatment. It makes sense that to be able to use a highly toxic agent, a practitioner with a wealth of knowledge on the subject is the person best suited to perform the procedure. A dentist is used to administering injections safely and in a controlled environment. If a patient does have a negative reaction, it is also comforting to know that a suitably trained professional with over five years training is on hand to act. A patient can therefore feel confident that the dentist performing such a delicate non-surgical procedure is more than qualified to do so.

What is Botulinum A?

Botulinum is a highly toxic and dangerous neurotoxin. Botulinum A is used to relax certain muscles preventing them from contracting. Many dangerous natural ingredients are used in a variety of medications and treatments. Correctly diluted and dispensed precisely and accurately, Botox has healing properties. Some other medications that we take on a daily basis consist of a number of natural ingredients which individually would be toxic.

Conditions benefiting from treatment

 Botox Kent is used in a variety of applications such as reducing sweating armpits, hands. Chronic migraine, Bell’s Palsy and eyelid twitching are other conditions benefiting from Botox treatment. Botox is therefore accepted as a treatment for numerous conditions other than aesthetic treatments.

Aesthetically what can Botox do?

Frown lines are those crease lines that appear on our foreheads when we raise our eyebrows or look quizzically and over time, they slowly become more permanent because of the loss of elasticity in the skin as we age. Crows’ feet are the lines that appear in the corner of the eye and which also, over time remain etched in the face permanently. Lines also start to appear around the mouth, these are sometimes referred to as smokers lines. Chin and neck wrinkles will also see a marked improvement with Botox treatment. Botox stops the signals sent from the brain which cause the muscles to contract resulting in those frown, smoker’s lines and crow’s feet lines. The result is that you have a more youthful appearance devoid of facial lines. A dental related treatment that Botox can be used for, is teeth grinding, especially at night. Overdeveloped masseter muscles can sometimes cause a patient to grind their teeth. The correct Botox treatment can relax this muscle causing the grinding to stop. In addition, Botox can relax this muscle so that a patient’s face shape can be changed. This particular treatment will last for around Five months.

Is the treatment painful?

Different patients react differently to Botox treatment but there will be a certain amount of discomfort. This discomfort can be minimised by the use of numbing cream which can be applied on request.

Treatment duration

The results of the treatment last on average for three to four months and the more frequent the treatment the longer it will last over time.

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