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I Don’t Like The Dentist

Don’t like the dentist West Bridgford? Well, you’re not the only one, so don’t worry. The dentist or the idea of visiting one can be a daunting prospect for many people. Having someone take a look and poke around at what is one of our most personal and sensitive areas can, of course, make us feel full of worries. It’s totally normal, but it’s not something we can ignore; the longer our dental niggles are left, the more likely they are to become long-term nags.

So, what can you do to get more comfortable with your dentist? Let’s pick this one apart.

Getting To The Core

It’s really not a bad idea to start thinking about why you have such a hang-up about the dentist; this needs to be done safely and in a way that won’t trigger you into a spiral of anxiety. Therefore, it could be worth working alongside your GP or even a therapist.

Like with all the things that scare us: heights, spiders, small spaces, your worry about the dentist West Bridgford will have had a trigger during your life. When I say “trigger”, that doesn’t always mean one specific horrible instant; it could just be that your parents had concerns, which have rubbed off on you, or even that you watched a film with a scary dentist scene when you were small. Whatever it is, finding the root cause and saying it out loud can often really help start the healing process. Acknowledgement of your feelings is always the first step to healing, and feeling anxious about the dentist is just as valid as worrying about heights.

Practical Steps

When you’re ready to start moving in the right direction, there are a few steps you can take to aid yourself in your healing process. These small, practical tips and tricks have been tried and tested over the years to help calm the worry bugs.

Meeting Your Dentist

Have you ever met your dentist? So many people just book an appointment for the first time and expect themselves to just be able to go. Do you remember how scary the first day of school was? New people, nerves and new spaces, and they weren’t about to ask you to open wide! You don’t need to wait until an appointment to make yourself comfortable at the dentist’s; any practice with patient care at its core will be willing to support you from day one and welcome you to the clinic to get accustomed to the setting prior to your appointment.

Distraction Technique

I don’t always like the word “distraction”, but there are more things you can do to take your mind to a calmer place when you’re in the chair. Take your headphones, an eye mask, your favourite cuddly toy or even a stress ball; whatever home comfort you need that can take you to a chilled place while your checkup takes place will help you out.

Friends, Family, The Next Door Neighbour…

Take a support bubble. We Brits love the stiff upper lip attitude, but why suffer in silence? Take someone to your appointment to support you throughout; this isn’t just a technique for kids!

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