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Dental Implants Can Help You Rediscover Your Smile

Are you missing something in your life? If it is your teeth, then you needn’t feel anxious about it. People can lose teeth for a variety of reasons, not always because of poor oral hygiene. Other issues such as age, gender, medication and illnesses can be contributing factors, alongside accidents. Whatever the cause of your missing teeth, however, it is highly recommended that you address the issue with restorative dental implants Hertfordshire. While it may be tempting to just get used to the appearance of your smile – as it’s got character, there are sound medical reasons why you should fill in the gaps!

Why should I get my teeth replaced?

If you have missing teeth, there is obviously an aesthetic effect when you smile that you may wish to improve upon. Having missing teeth is usually noticeable to other people and many don’t feel comfortable without a full set. However, it is not just about presentation when it comes to replacing your missing teeth. When you have teeth missing, it can leave any remaining teeth that you have overexposed to bacteria, which can lead to other dental problems and issues with the gums, such as gingivitis. By replacing your missing teeth, you are protecting the remaining natural teeth and gums from further damage.

Another reason to replace your teeth is the fact that sometimes speech can become impaired if you have missing teeth. By having a full set, it can enable patients to regain their normal speech and their ability to enunciate words.

A further reason to complete your smile may be because having a full set of teeth can make you look more youthful! When teeth are missing, it can lead to your face having a shrunken appearance if it is left untreated. By replacing the missing teeth, you are giving your face the structure it needs to look as fresh and dewy as it can – it’s definitely an excellent reason to complete your smile!

What should I replace my teeth with?

There are a number of options available to replace missing teeth. One of the most popular and effective treatments, however, is that of dental implants. Dental implants are screws which are used to attach replacement teeth to. The screws are embedded in the jawbone and this means that as the tissues fuse with the screws, they are unlikely to loosen. Such is the confidence in dental implants that it is recommended that you continue to eat a normal diet and you do not need to opt for softer foods. Moreover, you can talk as much as you want to without the fear of replacement teeth loosening. The replacement teeth that can be added to dental implants are crowns, bridges or dentures. Depending on how many teeth you need to replace, implants can take the place of a single tooth, multiple teeth or even a whole set! The results are natural-looking teeth that no one will know are not your real teeth, unless you choose to let the cat out of the bag.


Where can I get dental implants?

You will find a number of dental practices offer dental implants, but not all do, so check by doing your research on dental practice websites to find out if they have this treatment on offer. While you will still need to go for a consultation to see if it’s the right treatment for you, it’s well worth ensuring that it is a treatment that can be offered if it is viable.

Get searching for dental implants and rediscover the smile you’ve lost.

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