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Reasons Not To Be Anxious About Dental Implants In Herefordshire

In recent years, many people who have experienced a missing tooth or teeth have opted for dental implants in Herefordshire. This kind of treatment is durable, long-lasting, and usually restores the appearance of a person’s mouth and face to what it was before they lost their tooth or teeth. The result of this is often increased self-confidence and better mental wellbeing; both of which can be transformative in a person’s life.

Looks natural and lasts

Implants are made from titanium, which is a material that lends itself very well to supporting and becoming part of human tissues. This means that when a person has a missing tooth replaced using a dental implant, it is very natural-looking, and it is very difficult for others to tell that there was ever an issue. In addition, the titanium root becomes part of the jawbone over time and thus encourages the growth of new healthy tissues; meaning that it lasts for a long time, usually many years.

Planned down to the last detail

Getting a dental implant fitted might seem like a big deal to the patient; but for the dentist it is a relatively minor and routine treatment. Before going ahead, the dentist will assess the patient’s mouth using eitherx-raysor CT scans. This allows them to pinpoint the exact location of the missing tooth, into which the new root will be placed.

No pain

When undergoing the placement of an implant, the patient should not feel any pain at all. This is because alocal anaesthetic is used, which numbs the entire area being treated. In fact, it is often so straightforward, it is usually considered to be less impactful on the patient than having a tooth removed.

In the event that a person feels especially nervous or anxious about having the procedure, they should talk to the dental professional about this. They can offer reassurance and information about what will happen; and can also provide sedation if this is something that would be helpful to the patient.

Post implant with ease

The period of healing after receiving a dental implant is usually much easier than the average patient anticipates. This is because the treatment is so carefully planned, and modern techniques involve as little disruption to the gum tissues as possible; both of which minimise any discomfort afterwards.

The stitches that are used are dissolvable ones, which helps achieve less tenderness during healing. Patients who need a little extra help usually find that simple painkillers such as ibuprofen and paracetamol are all that are needed in the short term.

The implant site usually gets back to normal quite quickly, with the root and bone integrating within a matter of weeks. After this, the patient returns to the dentist to have the tooth fitted onto the root, gaining full functionality relatively quickly.

The idea of getting a dental implant fitted may cause people to feel a little nervous, but with modern techniques and an expert professional, this is a routine procedure that achieves great results.

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