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Forever Juvenile : Karan Oberoi ‘KO’

Supermodel Karan Oberoi known among his fans as KO, has turned 32 last year. KO started his modeling journey almost ten years ago, but if you shall go through his broad portfolio pictures you shall certainly find no difference. But now question arises how did he make it possible?

Indeed I am going to answer every question of yours that how this Supermodel made it possible. Karan Oberoi ‘KO’ is known today because of his fitness and style and has emerged as popular youth icon, but the road to achieve this status wasn’t the easy one. To look young at certain age requires tremendous self discipline and hard work. If being rich and money was the solution to look young than no one could have ever turned old. Salman Khan or other actors like Sanjay Dutt and Ajay Devgn would have still looked the same even after turning 50 or crossing 50 years of age. Definitely we have actors like Anil Kapoor too who still looks young and ravishing even at the age of 60 years.

Fitness is something if followed by heart can show wonders. For majority of men going just gym is fitness but that’s certainly not true. Fitness requires self discipline that is eating on time, sleeping on time and having strict regime when it comes to workout. In this article I shall be sharing few pictures of heartthrob Karan Oberoi model how he looked at the age of 22 and 32 that shall make you go down to your knees and makes look everything unbelievable and shall also be sharing his fitness mantra how he managed to look same same even after a decade infact better!

Fitness Mantra of Supermodel Karan Oberoi ‘KO’   

  • To look young and fit requires structure in daily routine. Structure means great timing! How does that sounds? Yes structure means doing and managing everything on time, so makes sure you bring structure in your lifestyle. Ever wondered why we have red lights on roads? If there would have been no red lights there would have been chaos all around, in the same manner when we bring structure to lifestyle of ours it shows miracles that yet to be seen!
  • Getting up early in the morning is the fountain to the youth! Our heartthrob model does that you should do that too! Getting up early morning at 4am or 5am would give mental stability and certainly sound and vibrant body. Getting up at 4 am in the morning and staring your day with praying to god has magical qualities that brings positivity in life.
  • Being positive is also one of the qualities that is fountain to the youth. Positive mindset allows you to give your very best that ultimately reflects on your face our Heartthrob model Karan Oberoi KO tries to be positive in every circumstances thus allows positive energy in his lifestyle
  • Being friendly with Green vegetables and citrus fruits, Karan Oberoi model has been eating green vegetables such as Spinach and fruits like watermelon, oranges and strawberries since decade to look stunning as ever.
  • Running activity or any other physical activity also allows us to look great and young, as while running you allow your body to absorb maximum oxygen and thus hot blood to move allowing skin to radiate.
  • Balanced lifestyle also allows looking younger and ravishing throughout the year.
  • Staying away from all sort of drugs, alcohol and tobacco which is the major cause that spoils the skin thus makes you look older.
  • Avoiding oily food and eating more of boiled or roaster food also perhaps somewhere helps to look great and thus contributes in being juvenile.

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