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6 Best Places To Visit Nearby Barcelona

Best Places To Visit Nearby Barcelona

Barcelona is the number one of Catalonian cities on the Iberian Peninsula. Symbol of the autonomic community of Catalonia, Barcelona offers many documents and sites of the Spanish and the Catalonian culture. However, the region around Barcelona, offers beautiful areas worth a trip.

1. Tarragona

Almost 100 kilometers afar from Barcelona is Tarragona. The city has a long history, that goes back to the Romans. Many Roman monuments are still intact: the amphitheater, the Circus, the Forum Romanum and the Triumph Arc. Remains of the former city wall can be observed in today’s center of the city. Numerous museums in Tarragona provide you with interesting information about the moving history.

2. Abbey Montserrat

About 45 kilometers north west pf Barcelona is the mountain Montserrat. On top if the mountain stands the abbey Santa Maria de Montserrat. Adventure like is already the serpentine road to the top of the mountain. From the abbey, you have a great view over the Catalonian land. On nice days you can see Barcelona from there.

The abbey is worth the visit due to its nice surroundings. The black Madonna is situated on the basilica above the altar of the abbey. She is the patron saint of Catalonia. The museum attached to the abbey displays works of art from famous artists such as Dalí, El Greco, Monet or Giordano. Next to the art gallery are archeological and liturgical artifacts. During the dictatorship of Franco, the abbey offered resistance. Despite of the prohibition, they spoke Catalonian and services were held in Catalonian as well. The friars hid many refugees of Franco. Therefore, more than 20 friars were executed. Today, the abbey is symbol for the Catalonian independence and the war against oppression.

3. Sitges

Sitges is a small city south west of Barcelona. Located between the nature protection are Parc National del Garraf and the city Vilanove i la Geltrù, the city offers a great sunny spot to relax at the beach. The icty is also worth a visit for culture vultures, since remaining ruins from ancient times can be visited. If you are looking for a great beach, Sitges offers a great place to take a bath in the Mediterranean Sea. Small bars, cafés and restaurants are part of the picturesque center of the city.

4. Castelldefels

Castelldefels is a small city south west of Barcelona. Many tourists visit Castelldefels because of the beautiful long sand beach. The typical center of the city is also worth the trip. Its unique flair and the picturesque city attract many people. Only a few minutes away from the center is a medieval castle overlooking the city. In addition, you will find some small cathedrals with medieval chapels worth visiting.

5. Lloret de Mar

Today, Lloret de Mar is known as the party city of Spain. More than 100 clubs and bars attract young people in particular. They come here to sunbath in the afternoon and party in the evening until early in the morning. However, Lloret is not only a paradise for night owls. It long history can be retraced by visiting some of the ancient buildings of the city. The medieval fort Sant Joan was built in the 11th century. Located on a hill, it is now a museum displaying medieval artifacts and providing information about the Catalonian culture. Sant Romà, a holy cathedral finished in 1522, was built in the unique Catalonian building style. A few decades later it was rebuild to defeat pirates and in the 19th century, the cathedral as it can be seen today was built.

6. Girona

Girona is a city located in north east of Spain. The origins of the city go back to the Roman Ages. The Goths settled here in the 6th century. Around 900 A.C. a Jewish community settled in the city and even today, there are some parts where you can still see the Jewish impact. 1939 Girona was conquered by Francos troop, just like Barcelona. The old town of the city is covered with small streets where you can easily get lost. The modern part of the city is freshly renovated and impresses its visitors with colorful facets. Some of the bathhouses are still intact from the times of the masons. And the ancient cathedral Santa Maria, built between the 14th and 16th century, holds an interesting museum displaying great treasures.

Traveling Between Cities

When traveling between cities in Spain, Barcelona to Girona train station is very convenient. If you are planning to visit Girona from Barcelona, then catching the train is easiest and best way to travel between these two beautiful cities. All trains from Barcelona to other cities are run by Renfe, they are direct trains. They depart from Barcelona’s Sants or El Clot Aragó train stations and arrive at Girona’s train station. The distance between the two cities is around 100 kilometers, so the quick journey takes as little as 39 – 40 minutes to arrive in Girona. Barcelona to Girona trains run every day from 6:00 a.m. until 9:50 p.m., and all services are provided by Renfe. No changes are required along the way, so you can relax until you reach Girona.

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