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How To Stay Cool This Summer While Off-Roading

Dehydration on the trail is a serious matter. Whether you’re heading out for a few hours or planning a week-long expedition, find out how you can avoid the dizziness, fatigue and other dangers associated with overheating and dehydration. While you prepare your ride with the right wheels for trucks and aftermarket mods, be sure to prepare yourself for the demanding heat of a summer off-roading trip.

Layer Up

It can be tempting to bundle up in the morning to avoid a chilly breeze as you fly down the trail. Unfortunately, many off-road trips can swing from near-freezing temperatures to triple-digit heat. Don’t let these wild temperature swings get the best of you, but layer up with a thick outer coat and several interior layers. Don’t compromise safety, but find layers that are breathable and easy to shed as the trail heats up.

Some off-roaders shed too many layers and bare as much skin as possible. While it may seem like your clothing is doing nothing but heating you up, it’s important to keep your skin covered. Wear a long-sleeved underlayer and pants that prevent sweat evaporation and sunburn on the trail. A cool, long-sleeved shirt will do wonders to prevent heat exhaustion.

Drink Up

Dehydration comes quickly while you ride. You may not realize in the heat of the moment how much water you’re sweating out. Drink up early and often to keep yourself ready for a demanding ride. Be sure to stop and drink around a pint every hour as you ride. Consider bringing electrolyte drinks for added safety. A hydration pack is a great investment to offer hands-free drinking as you keep your eyes on the trail. Bring more than enough water to account for any detours, side trails or unexpected difficulties.

Rest Up

Don’t let an unbelievable trail distract you from a well-deserved break. Rest is an essential part of every ride, so find time to stop every few hours to stretch your legs and find some shade. You may not realize how much stress and strain your body goes through on an off-road ride on a hot day, so rest up to restore your energy. A short rest is a great time to see the sights or to shop for discount truck parts on your smartphone.

Use your rest to check for signs of heat exhaustion. Typically, off-roaders will experience dizziness, fatigue, nausea and even fainting. These signs mean it’s time to chill and rest up until you’re feeling ready to go. Don’t let the thrill of the trail cause you to push it too far, or you may need medical attention miles from civilization.

Gear Up

The right gear makes all the difference when temperatures soar and the trail gets tough. Know your route and climate and invest in quality gear for an unforgettable ride. Shop for an off road roof rack for your Jeep, a hydration pack for your back or off-road tires for your bike. Whether you’re cruising on two wheels or on four, avoid accidents and unnecessary dangers by cooling off on your off-road expedition.

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