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3 Key Roles in the Television and Film Industry

3 Key Roles in the Television and Film Industry

There are many aspects to creating a television show or movie, such as costuming, casting, and editing. Each role in the creation of these creative works is essential to the final product coming together to create a quality viewing experience. While each role is necessary, this article will focus on three roles and what the people who hold them do to make the creative work come together.

1. Producer

We have all seen producer credits listed at the end of the movie, or, in older movies, at the beginning. But what does a producer do, exactly? In short, the producer does a little bit of everything. The longer answer is that a producer is essential in the fundraising aspects of creative work, hiring a crew to work on the film or show, and arranging for distribution. There is little producers don’t have their hands in since they serve as a film’s project manager.

2. Talent Manager

Another role in the entertainment industry is that of a talent manager. For actors and actresses, this role is essential. A talent manager, like David Guillod, helps his or her clients guide their careers where they want it to go. They assist their clients by arranging auditions, interviews, and travel. They also serve as an advisor to their clients, helping them navigate contracts and make decisions on which opportunities are good for their desired career trajectory.

3. Director

In movies or TV shows, a director is depicted providing guidance to the acting cast. However, directors provide more creative input than that. They direct the positioning of cameras, they determine what songs will be used, and they work with the film editor to assemble the film. This is only a snapshot of what a director does, but gives you the accurate impression that if it involves the creative content, a director is a part of it.

If you are aspiring to be in the industry or are already a part of it, it is important to understand the responsibilities and limits of each of these positions.

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