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Vacation Ideas for Social Distancing

Vacation Ideas for Social Distancing

Trying to find new ways to take advantage of traveling, without putting yourself or the people around you at risk? A road trip is a perfect way to social distance and still get out there. No matter what sort of vacation you are looking for, there are a variety of options to choose from while out on the road. When planning, consider these options for a fun vacation that keeps you safe and healthy.

For the Short-Term 

If looking to practice social distancing, there is nowhere better than the great outdoors. Three of the U.S. National Parks, Gateway National Recreation Area, Great Smoky Mountains, and Glen Canyon, have already reopened, and more are expected to reopen. Before you go, check with the NPS to see what social measures are in place, and be sure to book ahead to avoid waiting in lines.

For the Fall 

For those who are planning their traveling for the fall, take the time to do a driving tour of New England’s fall foliage. While out on the road you can see breathtaking scenery from the comfort of your car. Be sure to stop by one of the roadside stands to avoid the supermarket crowds and enjoy fresh local treats.

For the Winter 

Some people would rather wait until the winter before traveling. Cautious travelers should consider booking snowmobile tours Abitibi Canyon. With a snowmobile tour, you can embrace your inner adventurer and get fresh air at a safe social distance. Be sure to take the time to plan for the weather — it gets cold up north in Ontario.

No matter when you choose to go, be careful to travel responsibly but also remember to have a good time. Wherever you go, make sure to enjoy the adventure, both on your way there and once you arrive.

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