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Don’t Get Burned Planning for an Outdoor Concert

When summer concerts begin ramping up again, they will draw diverse, enthusiastic crowds. Depending on how you approach the even, you can either have a positive, memorable experience or a negative, forgettable one. The result depends on your preparation. To make it a photo-album event, try taking the following steps in the days ahead.

Get an Overview of the Scene

Research the venue so you know the ins and outs before your arrival. Gather the location of necessary facilities, including restrooms and first aid stations. Read over rules and guidelines for both the arena in general and the act in particular. Note what food, drink and seating you can bring in, how to handle prescription medications and whether taking videos or pictures is allowed, for example.

Avoid Traffic Headaches

Getting to the venue can be a headache with the long lines of cars heading there. Plan well ahead, including plotting your route. Consider hiring sedan service Cape May NJ so that you and your friends can relax on your way to the show. Even when the roads are at a standstill, handing the driving duties to someone else allows you to spend your time enjoying each other’s company instead of dealing with driving stress.

Prepare for the Elements

Pack clothes for predicted weather. If the event starts in the day and extends into the night, you could face noticeable temperature shifts, so prepare to layer; do not overdress if extreme heat is predicted, and drink lots of water. Even if the day is cloudy, pack sunscreen with the appropriate SPF rating. Bring rain gear if there is even a hint of precipitation in the forecast.

When concert season blooms, arenas, stadiums and amphitheaters are certain to fill to capacity. Be among the joyful participants rather than one of the miserable attendees by making an effort to plan ahead.

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