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How Much Do You Know About Incognito Weybridge?

Have you wanted to straighten your teeth but do not want to go via the traditional route of using metal braces? Maybe you have an upcoming life event and would like to improve the look of your teeth and overall smile, but you are looking for a more discreet orthodontic option. Whatever the case may be, if you are based in Surrey, you may want to consider booking an appointment at your local dental practice, where an experienced dentist will be able to recommend the most suitable orthodontic treatment for your current dental concerns.

An insight into orthodontics

Orthodontics is the area of dentistry that focuses on improving the appearance of your teeth  and function of your smile by using appliances known as braces to straighten your teeth and align your jaws. Orthodontic treatment can have a great impact on your appearance, self-confidence and overall health, so it’s important to choose the right orthodontic treatment for you.

Orthodontic treatment can be used to correct gaps, crooked or crowded teeth, underbites, overbites and other dental concerns. Orthodontic treatment can also be used to improve dental hygiene, as having gaps, crooked or crowded teeth means that the is an increased risk of food and bacteria build up in these areas as they are harder to clean. By correcting these issues, orthodontic treatment is able to reduce the risk of periodontal disease.

For many of us, when we hear of orthodontic treatment, we immediately think of traditional metal braces, but are you aware that there are more discreet orthodontic treatments than ever before? If you are someone who would like to straighten their teeth and improve their smile, and are looking for an alternative to traditional metal braces, you may want to consider Incognito Weybridge.

Incognito Weybridge

A lingual bracket system used to correct misaligned teeth, Incognito Weybridge is a modern alternative to traditional metal braces and can be used to correct a number of dental issues. Similar to traditional metal braces, Incognito braces consist of metal brackets and a metal wire which is fixed onto your teeth for the duration of the treatment. However, these braces are placed behind your teeth, making them a discreet orthodontic treatment and meaning no one will know you are straightening your teeth unless you tell them.

Incognito braces are custom made to fit your teeth, made of arch wires, brackets and bonding trays which all work together to achieve your desired results. This treatment also uses 3D imaging technology which allows you to see how your teeth will look once the treatment is complete.

One of the main benefits of this treatment is that they are invisible and as they are fixed on the inside of your teeth there is no risk of any damage to the surface of your front teeth. Incognito braces are also fixed, meaning you do not need to worry about replacing aligners, making them an effective teeth straightening treatment. They are also made to be comfortable and durable throughout the treatment.

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