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How Personality Plays Into Gift Giving

How Personality Plays Into Gift Giving

Different people give gifts in different ways. Gender has something to do with it; men and women tend to give and receive gifts differently from one another. However, the differences among gift givers go much deeper than gender and is strongly based on personality. Who you are, and what you value, affects the type of gifts you give.

Motives for Giving

Different people have different reasons for giving gifts, and not all of them are good. Some feel that it is a troublesome chore, a burdensome social obligation, and let the recipient know. Other people give gifts to elevate their own status or play favorites among recipients, while still others use gift-giving as an excuse to get passive-aggressive digs in at the recipient.

Types of Givers

However, not everyone who gives disappointing gifts has a dark motive for doing so. You may be a very practical sort of person who appreciates receiving gifts that you can put to good use. Because those are the kinds of gifts you appreciate, you like to give the same types of gifts to other people. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that; it’s just who you are.

However, your recipient may value an entirely different type of gift. He or she may not appreciate impersonal gifts that he or she could just purchase at the store, regardless of how useful they might be. These types of people appreciate thoughtful, personalized gifts that show that you recognize and value them as individuals.

The way you can tell what sort of personality your recipient is, and what type of gifts you should try to give him or her, is to look at the type of gifts that you get from your intended recipient. If he or she likes to give personalized, meaningful gifts like Colorado gift baskets, that’s a clue.

Ways To Please Everyone

You can satisfy your own gift-giving tendencies while not disappointing your recipient by giving a practical gift that is also personalized in some way. Your recipient will appreciate the thought and effort that you put into the gift and hopefully get some good use out of it as well.

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