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How to Become More Cultured

How to Become More Cultured

Culture finds its way into nearly every conversation, both in and out of the office. If you find yourself at a loss in work conversations about music and the arts, here are a few tips on how to become more cultured.

Read Reviews

One of the quickest ways to learn what you need to know about the latest movie or musical is by reading reviews. Internet articles and Broadway play reviews often give a quick synopsis of the feature, so you’ll often be able to tell if you’re interested in the plot enough to take the time to watch or research more. Otherwise, knowing the basic idea of what happened in popular shows can at least help you understand references made at the dinner table with friends enough to participate in the conversation.

Listen to Audiobooks

If you can’t find the time to read the latest best-selling novel, try listening to podcasts or audiobooks during your workout or daily commute. Not only will you feel more informed, but you’ll also have the opportunity to grow your mind and become a more thoughtful and aware person.

Keep Up With Trends

If all else fails, a quick internet search on your phone about the topic in question can help you understand the gist of what pop culture reference is being used in your conversation. If you don’t want to seem out of touch, you’ll definitely want to try to keep up with the trends, at least on social media. Spending a little time each day reading the news about media and politics can help you become more aware of things that are happening.

If you give yourself a chance to embrace culture, you’ll most likely find it easier to make lighthearted conversation at the water cooler or in the elevator. Keep in mind that a cultured mind is an open one, so being open-minded to new ideas will help you to feel more comfortable in situations that you otherwise might try to avoid.

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