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The Desirable Effects Of Straight Teeth On The Body

The list of impressive benefits associated with teeth-straightening treatments such as Invisalign in Ipswich continues to expand. An astounding12 million patients to date have realised their dream smiles with the forward-thinking aligner-like orthodontic system.

While many look to orthodontic treatments to improve the appearance of the all-important smile, few might draw parallels between aligned teeth and the numerous rewards this has on the body.

It is not just the smile that benefits from the teeth-straightening process. The patient may not be aware of it at first, but the gift of an orthodontic treatment plan just keeps on giving. Physical health, mental well-being and psychosocial health are all recipients of the positive aspects of orthodontics.

Some benefits may be obvious: the relief from pain caused by misaligned jaws or the improvements in biting and chewing capabilities when bite imperfections have been corrected. But there is a whole range of benefits that may come as a total surprise; albeit pleasant ones.

Amazing benefits of teeth straightening

On oral health

The first impact of straightening teeth is that on dental health, there are a fair few to consider.

Healthier teeth and gums. Bringing teeth into correct alignment makes brushing and flossing a lot easier to accomplish. This is made apparent by removing the awkward corners and edges that are created when teeth are crooked or overcrowded. These undesirable conditions make it easier for bad bacteria to hide and flourish. Eliminating bad bacteria from the mouth keeps teeth and gums healthy, strong and disease-free.

Teeth integrity is kept intact when teeth are in alignment. When teeth occupy incorrect positions in the dental arch, this situation can place unwarranted stress on certain teeth, increasing the risk of damage and loss. Protecting teeth integrity results in natural teeth lasting longer.

A healthier mouth, the Oral Health Foundation, is a worthy pursuit as strong teeth have quite a significant role to play in providing quality of life.

Physical health

When the bite capabilities are improved it is the physical body that is rewarded thanks to better digestion. Food gnashed to minuscule pieces allows for a more effective digestive process where less time and energy is used to absorb nutrients and deliver them to where they are needed.

A secondary advantage to better digestion is a stronger immune system. It is the primary role of the immune system to keep illness and disease at bay by putting up a strong defence against unwelcome pathogens.

Another lesser-known advantage of straightening teeth on physical health is that by improving oral hygiene there is less likelihood of harmful oral bacteria ruining heart and lung health and triggering strokes.

Mental and psychosocial health

Healthier confidence levels make it possible for a healthier social life. Clearer speech thanks to an aligned dental arch improves the chances of making friends and being hired. An active social life is one of the key ingredients in living a rewarding life.

So it seems there are plenty more reasons to consider straightening a crooked smile with suitable orthodontic solutions.

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