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How Dental Implants Can Improve Quality Of Life

Having teeth missing can be difficult to cope with: the patient often loses confidence in how they look, and this can cause them to withdraw socially. This issue can prevent a person from succeeding in their career and can even cause them to look older than their years. Dental implants Herefordshire are the ideal solution for many. This guide explores what they are and how they can help the patient to enjoy a better quality of life.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are a means of replacing missing teeth from the roots. They are positioned into the jawbone where the original roots of the teeth used to be. Once the implants have been placed, the patient is then left to heal for a couple of weeks.

When the healing period is complete, the titanium implants are topped with abutments. Abutments act as a base onto which artificial teeth are securely fastened to give long-lasting results.

Socialise with ease

When people have their missing teeth replaced using dentures, they often have concerns about the teeth moving out of position when they are talking or laughing. This makes them feel nervous about socialising and can be very restrictive.

Teeth that have been replaced using implants do not move. Regardless of how engaging the chat or how much laughter is going on, the patient can relax, safe in the knowledge that their teeth will remain in place.

Feel good about appearance

Having teeth missing can make a real dent in a person’s self-confidence. If they choose to replace them with dentures, then they may then have concerns about the teeth appearing artificial. Teeth that are supported by implants look incredibly natural, and most people would be hard placed to tell the difference between them and the original teeth. This can help the patient to feel like their old self once again.

Look younger

If lost teeth are not treated, or the patient gets dentures, then there remain gaps in the gums where the original tooth roots used to be. Over time, the gum tissue will shrink to accommodate these gaps, and this can alter the structure of the face. The result of this is often that the patient looks much older than their years. When dental implants are used, the patient can keep their facial structure as it is, and they can continue to look younger for longer.

Eat with abandon

Having gaps where teeth used to be can make eating difficult. Dentures can move around while eating, and some foods such as apples, crusty bread and toffee may have to be avoided altogether. The patient who has had their missing teeth replaced using dental implants has no such concerns. They can eat whatever they like, carefree and secure in the knowledge that their teeth will not move and can be treated just like natural teeth.

Fewer dental appointments

Once dental implant treatment has been completed, the patient does not need any more appointments than usual. This means more time to spend on the people and things that they love.

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