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Tooth Loss And Dental Implants In Hertfordshire

In previous generations it was thought that tooth loss was a natural part of the ageing process. This is not true. Adult teeth are designed to be permanent and last for the whole of your life. Tooth loss only occurs as a result of disease or trauma. If you do not visit the dentist on a regular basis or if you do not have a good oral hygiene routine in place then you may experience decay or disease and irreversible damage to your teeth which results in tooth loss. You may be involved in an accident or sustain an injury which knocks out your teeth or causes damage to your teeth which results in tooth loss. And it may be that you have to consider dental implants Hertfordshire.

Maintaining good dental hygiene

It is very important that you have a good dental hygiene routine in place from an early age and that you visit your dentist and hygienist at least every six months, more often if you are prone to increased plaque and tartar formation. What is true is that over time your teeth can become damaged. If you clench your teeth or grind your teeth then you can cause damage to your teeth which over the years can result in weakening and eventual tooth loss. If your teeth are exposed to high levels of sugar, fizzy drinks, acids and other harmful substances from smoking or increase alcohol consumption then this can have a negative impact over the course of life also. Diseases such as diabetes, cancer, osteomyelitis, and autoimmune diseases can cause tooth loss too.

If you visit the dentist on a regular basis then any signs of damage, decay or disease can be detected very early on and treated appropriately for successful results and not only will this prolong the life of your teeth but it will help you enjoy better dental health.

The main causes of tooth loss are cavities, tooth decay and also damage from gum disease or periodontal disease and again it is important that you visit your dentist regularly to keep your teeth clean and healthy and prevent or treat such issues. Over the last few decades we have seen a decline in tooth loss, and with continued high quality dental care missing teeth can become a thing of the past. If you have suffered from tooth loss then speak to your dental care provider and find out about the different treatment options that are available for you.

Dental implants

Most dentists recommend dental implants for replacing your missing teeth. Dental implants provide a permanent solution for replacing your lost teeth as they are embedded into your jawbone and remain there for the rest of your life. The implants help you enjoy a smile which is beautiful in appearance and also a fully functioning mouth to help you enjoy all aspects of life. Speak to your dentist today and find out if dental implants are suitable for you and how you can replace your missing teeth over the next few months.

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